Chelsea Houska's Dad Pokes Fun at Her Lack of 'Teen Mom 2' Airtime

Teen Mom 2 fans have been seeing less and less of Chelsea Houska as time goes on, due most likely in part to the lack of drama that's she's been bringing to the table since marrying husband Cole DeBoer in 2016.

It's even come to the attention of her dad, Randy Houska, who joked about his daughter's lack of screen time in a shady tweet he sent during the most recent episode of the MTV series.

"Holy smokes!!!! [Chelsea Houska] was on [Teen Mom] tonight!" he tweeted last week. "For more than 30 seconds, it's a start. I think this [MTV] [Teen Mom 2] thing is going to catch on."

Even Houska has called out the show for its focus on drama, as opposed to the lives of young moms.

"If I don't see more of [Chelsea Houska] next episode..... I'm going on strike [crying emoji] [Teen Mom 2]" one fan tweeted during a May 14 episode.

Houska saw the tweet and responded with a message of her own.

"Im almost positive that I'm barely in the next one too [laugh out loud] didn't you know teen mom 2 isn't actually even about being a mom anymore?!" she wrote.

And when another fan tweeted in reply, "I was just thinking that. What is happening to the show, it's all about drama now. I miss it being about the moms story and kids," Houska responded, "Same!!"

She clearly doesn't mind staying out of the drama of the other women on the show, however.

When a fan told co-star Jenelle Evans on Facebook that she "just wish[es] you were Chelsea... you know cause she's cool and normal and a good mom with a normal dude." Evans replied, "I rather not be boring as f—, thanks [laugh my a— off]."

Upon hearing about the exchange, Houska clapped back on Twitter.

"Is boring suppose to be an insult?" she wrote. "I enjoy waking up to my 'boring' life with my husband and kids everyday! We are all happy here."

Houska and her family will have plenty more to show on Teen Mom 2 in the upcoming months, after the mother-of-two announced in March that she was expecting another child, a little girl, with her husband. The two already share 1-year-old son Watson and Houska is mom to 8-year-old Aubree from a previous relationship.


Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska