'Celebrity IOU' Stars Drew and Jonathan Scott Reveal Low-Key Christmas Plans With Their Significant Others (Exclusive)

While it has been a challenging year for so many amid the global pandemic, millions are looking [...]

While it has been a challenging year for so many amid the global pandemic, millions are looking for a sense of normalcy this holiday season — that includes a number of our favorite stars getting into the Christmas spirit. Ahead of the Season 2 premiere of Celebrity IOU this past month, HGTV stars Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott shared with PopCulture.com their holiday plans alongside their significant others, admitting it is going to be a low-key Christmas.

"Just staying in," Drew told PopCulture in a telephone interview on Dec. 1 of his plans with his wife, Linda Phan. "We typically — Jonathan and I, since we were born — our family are always together with our older brother JD, his wife, Annalee; and obviously Linda, Zooey, and my parents and stuff. But this year with COVID, we just can't do that. So virtually, we'll be spending the holidays with mom and dad and JD, but just us L.A. kids are going to be together, and the rest will have to be virtual."

Jonathan echoes his twin brother's sentiments, revealing his plans most humbly involve taking in his significant other, Zooey Deschanel's talents in the kitchen. "Well, I am planning to indulge in a lot of Zooey's amazing cooking," he said. "We're vegetarian, and so she just made the most fantastic vegetarian Thanksgiving meal — we'll do the same for Christmas."

The 42-year-old Canadian personality adds that with the couple already getting their tree up just days after Thanksgiving, they are more than ready for the holidays. "We've got all the lights, and the tree, and everything up for Christmas. I think that influenced her to start baking Christmas cookies, so I'm anticipating putting on a couple of inches of happiness," Jonathan laughed.

The twins, Deschanel and Phan recently took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes look at their baking shenanigans as part of the "Reveal Your Joy" hashtag event, opening up a discussion with fans of what brings them happiness this holiday season. "To celebrate [the premiere of Celebrity IOU], Drew, Linda, Zooey [and] I thought we'd share some Christmas caroling, cookies, and...caulking?!? Expert tip: remove all glue from the area when decorating cookies," Jonathan wrote in the Instagram post alongside a facepalm and laughing emoji. "Hope you've enjoyed [Reveal Your Joy] as much as we have, and that it's brought a little joy into this magical season for you. Happy Holidays!"

With Celebrity IOU captivating more than 36 million viewers in its freshman year and smashing ratings records for the network, the sophomore season promises to be a fun one, full of heart and feel-good energy, according to its Canadian hosts who spoke exclusively about the "really exciting" episodes.

"Season 2 kind of came upon us fast because we feel like we're just shooting with our Season 1 cast, and then now we have all our new lineup with celebrities," Drew said. "There's so much fun and so much emotion in every story. When you look at the talent we have, too — Allison Janney, who is the queen pin of TV and movies; and Rainn Wilson, who everyone sees as that hilarious, hilarious actor. But to see the emotional side of him, and a soulful side of him giving back, this is a season unlike any other."

Celebrity IOU airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET; check your local listings. For more with the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, stay tuned to the latest from PopCulture.com!