'Celebrity IOU' Stars Drew and Jonathan Scott Reveal Their Dream Guests for HGTV Series (Exclusive)

After breaking records for the network with the premiere season of Celebrity IOU this past spring, [...]

After breaking records for the network with the premiere season of Celebrity IOU this past spring, HGTV superstars Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott are back for another dose of their smash-hit Monday night. As the beloved twins help some of Hollywood's biggest A-listers between the likes of Brad Pitt to Justin Hartley give back to individuals who've made a significant impact on their lives, the Canadian twins are revealing exclusively to PopCulture.com who their dream guests are — and we are here for it!

"The Queen of England. I want to see her throw a sledgehammer," Jonathan said to laughs from his brother, Drew, in a telephone conversation with PopCulture on Dec. 1. While Queen Elizabeth II appearing on the show might require extensive talks with Royal authorities, the 42-year-old Vancouver native shares how the pair has been in contact with "a lot of incredible celebrities" who want to be on the show. "The tricky thing is when you are working with the logistics of their schedule and our schedule, and the timing of the person they want to give back to, and with COVID, the location — we have to be mindful of where we're going."

Further sharing how COVID-19 has "sort of limited" plans, Jonathan is optimistic about what's to come for the series, especially as they work with other stars. "It'll be interesting to see in future seasons, too, some of the folks who are huge, huge, worldwide celebrities who want to do it," he teased, adding how they are not flying at all during the pandemic. "It's only COVID that's really preventing us from being able to say yes to them. They already are on board."

While Jonathan hopes for the Queen to rock a sledgehammer during renovations, Drew is setting his sights on the Obamas. "I would love to have the Obamas on! We met Michelle a year ago — just on her book tour, we opened for her in Toronto and I just think that they're such a positive, positive team, and they're known for giving back to everyone, and the way that they support people, I think is just amazing," Drew told PopCulture. "We'd love to have them on the show to give back to somebody that they've actually known for years and years. So that'd be cool."

Premiering this past April on HGTV, Celebrity IOU has brought on a long list of stars in its first season, including Pitt, Viola Davis, Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, Jeremy Renner and fellow Canadian, Michael Buble. Jonathan goes on to disclose that some of the celebrities they are talking to for Season 3 will take them back up north of the border as seen in Buble's episode.

"Some of these big celebrities that we're talking to — because I loved that we were able to film the Michael Bublé episode in Vancouver, [but] some of the other big celebrities we're talking to would end up taking us back to Canada, post-COVID. So that would be something special, too, in future seasons," Jonathan said, adding how the show initially came about because of stars approaching them. "We can't tell you right now, but if you knew some of the other celebrities that we're already in discussions with, there's definitely some exciting future episodes coming."

While they have worked with celebrities privately in designing their homes, it was only when they came up with the idea of working with them in an effort to give back that it "struck a nerve" with the brothers. "That was exactly what I think the world wants right now," Jonathan said. "It's what the HGTV audience wants. You get the excitement of the celebrities, but you also get an everyday person who has busted their butt to do something special and they're the one that gets the payback."

Celebrity IOU Season 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV, featuring stars Zooey Deschanel, Rainn Wilson, Allison Janney and Hartley. For more with Drew and Jonathan Scott, keep it locked to PopCulture.com for the latest!