'Celebrity IOU' Stars Drew and Jonathan Scott Tease What Fans Can Expect With Season 2 (Exclusive)

HGTV's blockbuster series Celebrity IOU hosted by Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott is back for [...]

HGTV's blockbuster series Celebrity IOU hosted by Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott is back for another season of glittery star power spotlighting heartwarming renovations care of some of Hollywood's biggest A-listers! Captivating more than 36 million viewers in its freshman year and smashing ratings records for the network, Season 2 promises to be a fun one, full of heart and feel-good energy, according to its Canadian hosts who spoke exclusively to PopCulture.com about the "really exciting" episodes.

"Season 2 kind of came upon us fast because we feel like we're just shooting with our Season 1 cast, and then now we have all our new lineup with celebrities," Drew told PopCulture. "There's so much fun and so much emotion in every story. When you look at the talent we have, too — Allison Janney, who is the queen pin of TV and movies; and Rainn Wilson, who everyone sees as that hilarious, hilarious actor. But to see the emotional side of him, and a soulful side of him giving back, this is a season unlike any other."

Jonathan echoes the sentiment, admitting how it's nice to work with an "eclectic mix" of celebrities this season who are giving back to individuals that have made a lasting impact on their lives. "Some of them very [are] unexpected," Jonathan said, adding how many of them also "surprised" the twins. "Every single celebrity — there's something different. Working with [my girlfriend] Zooey [Deschanel] is incredible, and she was so sweet. It's a very emotional episode as the relationship she has with a friend — and then working with people who we've never worked with before."

Jonathan added that Janney and Wilson might just take home the medal for the "most unique demo attire of all time," revealing the cast and crew were cracking up on set. "We were dying laughing," he said. "When we were filming with Rainn, he shows up shirtless with a battle ax to actually do the demolition, and so we were dying laughing."

He adds upon Janney hearing how her recent co-star on another series, Wilson, had done "something wild" for his demo, decided to up her game and outmatch him. "I won't tell you what she did, but she shows up to try and one-up him and it was hilarious!" Jonathan laughed. "It was Oscar-worthy. Put that in there."

With the show highlighting a more personable side to so many of our Hollywood favorites giving back in the most generous way, like last season with Brad Pitt and Viola Davis, Drew and Jonathan reveal they have formed connections with so many of their Celebrity IOU guests.

"When you're doing something with someone who's giving back to somebody that they love so much, you really do create a connection with the celebrities, and because we're really trying to intimately be a part of giving back to someone they love, we've had connections with so many, like Michael Bublé," Drew said, disclosing how the two chat every couple of weeks and keep in touch.

This season, though, he shares he and his wife Linda Phan have really connected with Wilson and his wife, Holly, in how they give back. "They're such big-hearted people, they just love to give back and support people they know, and people they don't know," Drew continued. "They have a whole program down in Haiti where they're giving back to communities and helping young girls develop their education and skill set and I love to see people like that."

Jonathan, too, has found a deep connection in this season, particularly with his girlfriend, Deschanel. "I have to be honest, too, I found — through this process — one of the celebrities we were working with — I've totally fallen in love with her, and I want to be with her forever," he said. "It's the magic of HGTV!"

Celebrity IOU premieres on Dec. 14 on HGTV and airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET; check your local listings. For more with the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, stay tuned to the latest from PopCulture.com!