'Celebrity Big Brother': [Spoiler] Gets Eliminated Next

A second Celebrity Big Brother houseguest was sent home Monday night in another live episode.

Keshia Knight Pulliam, a former Cosby Show star, was the next one evicted in an unanimous vote.

In the Sunday episode, Omarosa Manigult had an asthma attack during the first ever Celebrity Bowlerina game. In the end, Ross Matthews won the Head of the Household title, then nominated Manigault for eviction. Her closest ally, Pulliam, was also nominated to follow Chuck Liddell out the door.

Early on in the episode, Matthews was surprised that Manigault came back with a calmer demeanor. She strangely did not explode with anger. Then, Brandi Glanville tried to convince Matthews to eliminate Shannon Elizabeth instead, pulling a backdoor move.

The backdoor-ing plans were put on hold for a moment, while Manigault gave the Big Brother house a civics lesson. But the other guests were back to their maneuvering after she was done.

The Power of Veto challenge was a duel, where they had to answer questions about cruise billboards. If they got the questions wrong, they are eliminated from the game. The person who got the question right, or answered first won. The loser was eliminated. It came down to Manigault and Marissa Jaret Winokur, who won the POV. However, she decided against using it, forcing both Pulliam and Manigault to make their cases for why they should stay.

Pulliam pleaded with the houseguests to have her go home because her breast milk was depleting and she needed to be with her baby. Manigault also asked the other houseguests to do what was best for Pulliam. Subsequently, everyone voted for Pulliam, so Manigault lived another day in the Big Brother household.

Everyone in the house wished Pulliam the best, and she begged them not to kill each other.

Pulliam told host Julie Chen that the Big Brother prize was not worth being away from her year-old daughter who loves breast milk. It was a difficult decision, but as a single mom, she has to be with her kids.

She was also surprised to see Manigault become an ally, even though they are on opposite sides of the political spectrum.


"I'm grateful that I went in with the spirit of allowing people to show me who they are and giving her the opportunity to show me her heart," Pulliam said. "Wherever you stand, we're still human beings at the end of the day."

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