'Celebrity Big Brother': New HoH Aims to Split up Key Alliance

There's a new Head of Household in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and the shift in power dynamic could change everything!

Mark McGrath beat out the rest of his Big Brother household in a red carpet ride challenge, transferring the power from the men in the household to the women.

"I'm the new HoH, and I'm totally stoked right now because now I can step up for the team," he said. "Now it's time to make some big moves."

The Sugar Ray frontman was having a tough time deciding between putting up Ariadna Gutierrez and Brandi Glanville to break up their alliance, or putting up season villain Omarosa Manigault, who has been a target all season.

"It's scary," Glanville said after McGrath's victory. "The guys now have the power in the house, and that could mean it's curtains for me this week."

Marissa Janet Winokur, however, was still dedicated to her alliance not only with McGrath, but with the women in the household. "I need to do whatever I can to paint a target elsewhere," she said.

Things ultimately got more tense when Glanville accused McGrath and James Maslow of conspiring to give McGrath HoH power in the competition.

"What are you asking?" McGrath said defensively, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum continued to push.

"Brandi please, stop this," Gutierrez said in the diary room. "I need you in the house, so please stop it."

In the end, McGrath decided to nominate Glanville and Gutierrez, so the former Miss America contestant was probably right.

The rocker told Glanville he had nominated her because she was "competitive and strategic."

"I also heard through the grapevine that you've been lobbying for weeks that you've been lobbying for weeks to put my name up for eviction," he added. "So I decided to strike first."

For Gutierrez, he had similar praises.

"However, you chose to team up with Brandi, and I think it's time to break up this dynamic duo," he said.

McGrath said later in the diary room, "If this goes right, it opens up a clear path to the finale for me and my homies."

But Glanville said she isn't "going down without a fight."

Who will go home? Tune in to Celebrity Big Brother to see it all play out.


The next two-hour episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs Friday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS