'Celebrity Big Brother' Host Julie Chen Questions If Stars Will Regret Voting for Marissa

Marissa Jaret Winokur shocked the world on Sunday night when she became the first winner of Celebrity Big Brother. And while the fanbase was divided by the result, even host Julie Chen now thinks some of the players might regret who they wound up voting for.

Chen spoke with Entertainment Tonight following the finale and had pletny to say regarding the final episode.

"First, I thought, she's not going to pick (Ross Mathews), because you know, she didn't expect to win (the Head of Household) and I thought, oh, she's going to tell him on the side, 'Listen, I've got to win this for my son, my husband, my family. Personal reasons.' And them, when she did pick him, I thought, oh, now you just made a huge mistake. You just lost the game. It was in your hands! And then, when the vote count was six to three, I thought, 'Wow. I did not expect that,'" Chen said.

"People are holding grudges," Chen added. "People are voting emotionally, but this is Big Brother and I've seen that happen before ... Feelings are hurt, but you'll see — this whole group will be like every other group, everyone is going to stay in touch forever, they're going to be friends for life. It was like summer camp, it was like camp bonding. I just wonder if anyone is going to, at the end of the day, think, 'Oh, I voted emotionally and I made the wrong vote, and I voted for the wrong person to win.' I don't know."

The CBS personality also argued that the show should "definitely" get a second season.


"I think we did a pretty good job this time around," Chen said. "We'll have to incorporate some twists and some changes just because, now, the celebrities who might go in the next version if, we have one, feel like they know the template. Like, Shannon (Elizabeth) was telling me earlier, 'I didn't think there was going to be final five on finale night! I would've slowed down my game.' And I'm like, 'No, we can't tell you our secrets, or what twists and turns are coming, and when there may or may not be a double eviction!'"

The 20th season of Big Brother is set to premiere this summer.