'Catfish' Premiere Takes on Adult Film Star Case in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Catfish: The TV Show is officially headed back to your screens on Tuesday. The show will premiere on MTV at 9 p.m. ET following the Season 11 premiere of Teen Mom 2. In advance of Catfish's return, the show has released an exclusive sneak peek of the episode that features a man named Tyler from Massachusetts who believes that he could be getting catfished by a woman named Stefany from Florida.

Hosts Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford were joined by a special guest for this upcoming catfish case, as Schulman's brother Ariel popped in to offer his perspective (the Dancing With the Stars alum noted that his brother and his friend Henry made the original Catfish documentary that the MTV series is based on). The group then discussed the case, which involves a wild "first" for the show. Schulman explained that Tyler reached out to them after talking to Stefany for two years. The host then said that the two originally met on Pornhub, which they all noted was definitely a "first" for Catfish. Tyler explained that he wasn't looking for a relationship at the time, but the two quickly began chatting after exchanging phone numbers.

Tyler continued to tell the hosts over email that he soon fell for Stefany, as she is "thoughtful," "sexy," and "genuine." The Massachusetts resident wants to spend his life with Stefany, but he explained that they have never video chatted or met up in person. Tyler reached out to the Catfish crew as he wants to be sure that Stefany is real and that he can trust her. Once Tyler joined Schulman and Crawford on their Zoom call, he gave them more details about the situation, including how he met Stefany as he published his own videos on Pornhub. He explained that he also saw videos that Stefany posted on the site, but her face was not visible in them.

Tyler told Schulman and Crawford that he loves the Florida resident and that they chat on the phone "almost every night." He continued to say that he went through a difficult time following his last relationship and that he "tried hurting myself." But, he is in a better place now. Tyler has been trying to get in touch with Stefany, but he says that she always has an excuse as to why they can't video chat or meet up in person, which is why he contacted Catfish. Once he got off the call, Schulman told Crawford that he believes that he's 50/50 on whether Stefany is a catfish or not, particularly as Tyler was the one who reached out to her first. Viewers are definitely going to want to tune in to see how the rest of this case plays out when Catfish airs on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET on MTV. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.