Catelynn Lowell Taking Heat for Smoking Around Her Daughter

Catelynn Lowell is taking heat from fans after she was seen with a pack of cigarettes in her car. The Teen Mom OG star posted for the camera showing off her new hair but all some fans could seem to focus on was the pack of Marlboro Menthols in the door of her car. Her followers were quick to jump on her, criticizing smoking in the car when she has a daughter who also rides in it with her.

"Seriously who still smokes in their car??" one person wrote according to The Sun via The Hollywood Gossip. "Especially when you have kids. You know them and all of their s— smells like smoke." Someone else wrote, "She's been filmed smoking while Nova was in the car, too," while another chimed in, "And standing like 6 inches away from Nova."

While several of the comments were shaming the mom, there were also several supporting her new look and refused to bring her down. "Love it! Such a pretty color!" one person said, while another wrote, "Purple looks GREAT on you!! Totally suits your skin tone and makes your eyes pop!! She did a great job."

Recently, Lowell revealed that she feared her daughter had been exposed to a registered sex offender at a child daycare center. She shared several screenshots on Instagram as alleged evidence that the daycare owner's husband is an alleged sex offender. The owner, Chris Vabuskirk, claims her husband Tim was never allowed on the premises when children were at the daycare. In August, she shared those screenshots that showed a Facebook post in which a person told parents to get their children out of Cozy Corner Day Care because Tim Vabuskirk is a "f— predator who molests kids."


Lowell included details of the daycare, as well as a page showing Tim listed on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry. "I am ABSOLUTELY disgusted!!!! PLEASE if you have kids that go here PLEASE remove them!!!!" Lowell wrote in a caption. She later revealed to Celeb Magazine that she never knew about his arrest in the first place. "I found out three days ago that her husband was on the sex offender list for doing something to his step-daughter," she said.

Nova did tell her mom that she never saw Tim saying, "Tonight I showed Nova a picture of Chris's husband, Tim, asking if she had ever seen this man and she told me no. I asked her 5 different times... because what if he touched my child? Because it all came out how he's been at the daycare and has also taken kids by himself on their 'nature trail.'" So the reality star did everything she could to continue to spread the word.