'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Fears Daughter Encountered Alleged Sex Offender at Local Daycare

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell believes her daughter Nova might have been exposed to a registered sex offender at a child daycare center. She shared several screenshots on Instagram as alleged evidence that the husband of the daycare owner is an alleged sex offender. The owner, Chris Vabuskirk, claims her husband Tim was never allowed on the premises when children were at the daycare.

On Tuesday, Lowell shared a series of screenshots with her Instagram followers, including one showing a Facebook post in which a person told parents to get their children out of Cozy Corner Day Care because Tim Vabuskirk is a "f— predator who molests kids." Lowell included details of the daycare, as well as a page showing Tim listed on the Michigan Public Sex Offender Registry. "I am ABSOLUTELY disgusted!!!! PLEASE if you have kids that go here PLEASE remove them!!!!" Lowell wrote in the caption.

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Lowell later told Celeb Magazine Nova went to Cozy Corner back in 2018 and Vabuskirk never told her about Tim's arrests. "I found out three days ago that her husband was on the sex offenders list for doing something to his step-daughter," Lowell told the outlet. Lowell and her husband, Teen Mom co-star Tyler Baltierra, picked the daycare because it had a good rating on Google, she said. Nova was only at the center for "a few months" and told her mother she never saw Tim.

"Tonight I showed Nova a picture of Chris's husband, Tim, asking if she had ever seen this man and she told me no," Lowell said. "I asked her 5 different times… because what if he touched my child? Because it all came out how he's been at the daycare and has also taken kids by himself on their 'nature trail.'" Lowell called it "so disgusting and disturbing" and hoped that by speaking out, she "saves children." She also called for the daycare to be "shut down."

"Do your due diligence when looking for childcare for your children," the MTV star said. "Run background checks on them. Talk to some workers that work there. Find other parents of kids that go there and talk to those parents. Just check and double-check. You can never be too safe when it comes to your children."


Vabuskirk's husband is a Tier 3 sex offender and was convicted of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor in 1994, reports Fox2Detroit. In a statement to the outlet, Vabuskirk said her husband is not allowed at the daycare center and denied the allegations he had been there on Facebook. "The information on Facebook and the news media is false and has not been fact-checked," she said. "Cozy Corner follows all rules set up by the state of Michigan for Licensing and Regulatory Affairs."