Brody Jenner's Misgendering of Caitlyn on 'The Hills' Has Sparked a Tense Debate

Brody Jenner is in hot water after he was accused of misgendering dad Caitlyn Jenner during the [...]

Brody Jenner is in hot water after he was accused of misgendering dad Caitlyn Jenner during the premier of The Hills: New Beginnings. During the episode, Brody, 35, referred to Caitlyn as "he," which brother Brandon Jenner later said was an honest mistake.

Brody is still taking heat for the comment, despite his brother coming to his defense. The comment was made during conversation with friends about Brody's wife, Kaitlynn Carter.

"My dad, he also became a woman — don't wanna forget about that one!" he said during the episode. "I had been dating Kaitlynn Carter for four-and-a-half years, and my dad came out and said that he wanted to be called Caitlyn. Two Caitlyns..."

Twitter was flooded with backlash about Brody's decision to refer to Caitlyn as "he," rather than her preferred pronouns.

Neither Brody, nor Caitlyn, publicly commented on the misgendering, but Brandon did speak about it during an interview on Channel Q Radio's Let's Go There. The 38-year-old encouraged fans to "teach through encouragement" rather than "tearing somebody down."

"Accidents happen and people slip up and you shouldn't shame them for it. There's not an ill intentions," Brandon said of his brother's comments on The Hills.

Brandon also shared the details of a conversation he had with Caitlyn about calling her "dad" after her 2015 transition. He admitted that he's not "an expert" but said that he was speaking from "personal experience."

"By no means am I an expert on the subject. I only have my own personal experience, and in my own personal experience, this was a conversation I had with my dad, which was, 'You can still call me "Dad."' There's a part of me that related to being your father at one point in my life, and you can still call me "dad,'" Brandon recalled Caitlyn telling him.

"So that's the understanding that we have with each other, which makes sense, so I think that that's correct," he added.

Per Cosmopolitan, Caitlyn will not be appearing on Season 1 of The Hills: New Beginnings. MTV confirmed that she was not included in filming. Should their be a Season 2, however, that could all change.

Brody previously told OK! Magazine that he doesn't talk to the Kardashian family, whom he's related to through Caitlyn's now-defunct marriage to Kris Jenner. He does stay in contact with step-siblings Kendall and Kylie Jenner, however. It's unclear what his relationship with Caitlyn is like, however.