Brielle Biermann Has COVID-19: 'Still Recovering'

Brielle Biermann is currently in quarantine after contracting COVID-19, the Don't Be Tardy star revealed on Instagram Wednesday. The reality star, 23, shared on her Story that she had the virus for about two weeks and was "still recovering" but feeling better, even putting on makeup to attend virtual meetings for the first time.

"I've had covid (still recovering but I'm doing good today!!)" she wrote on her Story, asking for TV recommendations, as she is "beyond bored" being in isolation. Kim Zolciak Biermann's daughter even gave stepfather Kroy Biermann credit for helping her keep in good spirits throughout her difficult past couple of weeks. "Shoutout to Kroy who has been delivering me my necessities at the stairs. He's been bringing me all my clothes and food. He even brought me milk and cookies the other night," Brielle said in a video on her social media.

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Zolciak Biermann addressed her daughter's diagnosis on her own Instagram Story, first taking credit for actually being the one to deliver Brielle's milk and cookies, and also emphasizing that her eldest "still has" COVID-19, despite feeling better. The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum added that she had been "stressed" while worrying for her daughter's health, explaining, "With Brielle having COVID, that's had me very stressed."

Brielle added in her video that her time in isolation was hopefully coming to an end, but that she would undergo another test until it was confirmed. "So yeah, I'm gonna test again today and see how I'm doing because I think I've had it for almost two weeks now," she explained of the safety procedures being utilized to keep safe her mom, stepdad and younger siblings — 19-year-old sister Ariana, 8-year-old brother Kash, and 7-year-old twins Kaia and Kane.

In August, Brielle urged her followers to be kind to everyone, as you "never know what someone is going [through]." She continued under a photo of herself, "You have no idea what their life is like and what they carry with them every single day," insisting that "there's no need to be cruel or create more pain and stress."


"If there's anything I've learned in 2020 it's to live each day like it's your last & cherish the people and relationships you have with everything you've got," she concluded. "You never know when it's their last either. I'm proud of who i am, who I've become and how i treat others. i hope you feel the same way about yourself."