Bobby Bones Gets Set on Fire in Wild Exclusive Sneak Peek for 'Breaking Bobby Bones'

Bobby Bones is known to turn on his daredevil status during Breaking Bobby Bones, but it's his latest fiery stunt while training with a stuntwoman that will have fans absolutely shocked. In an exclusive clip ahead of Sunday night's fourth new episode airing at 10:30 p.m. ET on National Geographic, Bones' latest adventures take him to Hollywood for some serious stunt training — and an exclusive clip for sees Bones getting set on fire. Literally.

Traveling to corners of the country to connect with individuals holding unique jobs, skills, hobbies and abilities, Bones begins his training with Janeisha, a pioneering stuntwoman for film and TV who has overcome obstacles on her path to success. In the episode "The Fall Guy," she challenges Bones to perform several stunts for a movie, including being in a fight, taking a massive fall and what might be the most daunting yet — being set on fire.

Tackling the 3 Fs — fight, fall and fire — Bones admits before he takes part in the fire stunt, including a Molotov cocktail, how the "fall was the thing" he was most afraid of, "but the burn is the thing" he believes is "the most dangerous." As Bones is prepped for the scene with Janeisha and her crew, an offside interview finds the bestselling author and radio show personality perplexed over going through with it all. "Everything in my mind is going, 'This is insane!'" he said.

While Bones might appear to some as an adrenaline junkie, he shared in an exclusive with last month that is certainly not the case. "No, none — actually less," he said upon the belief audiences might assume he's a daredevil after appearing on the first season of National Geographic's Running Wild with Bear Grylls. However, the whole time he was with the survivalist in the Norway Fjords for Season 5 of the series, Bones was "miserable" and wondered what exactly he was getting himself in. "Love Bear, but hate heights and ropes and cold and so, I finished and I was very proud of myself when we were in Norway and the episode did really well and so, I was just proud of it, but I was never gonna do it again," he said.

That is until he was called back for another episode in its sixth season to promote Breaking Bobby Bones, but this time the 41-year-old wasn't alone. "They said, 'Well it'd be great to promote [the show] and we'd like your fiancée [Caitlin Parker] to be on it, too' and I was like, 'I don't think so' [but] they were like, 'No couple's ever done it in the history of the show.'"


Eager to "break boundaries" as seen with the 16-episode series Breaking Bobby Bones, Bones agreed and called the experience on Grylls' show "extremely tough" for him and Parker. "She cried, it was hard, but it was one of the greatest experiences that we've ever had," he said adding how it was also equally awful. "They're pushing us to our mental and physical limits and so, anytime you go on Bear Grylls, you know you're gonna have an adventure with him like no adventure you've ever had and you're gonna have to push yourself."

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