Bobby Bones Fuels Talk He'll Be ABC's Next 'Bachelor' With 'GMA' Quip

Is Bobby Bones going to be the next Bachelor? He's alluded to as much several times over the past few months, and considering his Dancing With the Stars championship, which was statistically nearly impossible, a Bachelor season featuring the country music radio host may actually be more probable than fans think.

Bones, who is already set to appear on American Idol as the reality singing competition's in-house mentor, revealed on his nationally syndicated radio show in March that he's been approached about "considering" a role as The Bachelor. While admitting that it "definitely wasn't an offer," he said that the idea had been put into the universe.

Months later, in September, before anyone could have predicted how far he'd go on Dancing With the Stars, he said on his radio show, "Listen, I'm gonna tell ya, if I go far on Dancing With the Stars, they're going to offer me The Bachelor, I can already tell you."

"If I'm still single and I go top three on Dancing With the Stars, I believe in the ABC family I would be offered The Bachelor," he said later, according to Forbes.

Considering that not only did Bones make it to the top three, but he flat-out won the competition, there's a generous amount of buzz floating about a potential Bobby Bones Bachelor season.

ABC surely wants the idea known; while Bones, professional dance partner Sharna Burgess and the rest of the DWTS finalists appeared on Good Morning America Tuesday morning, co-host Michael Strahan asked Bones how he felt about getting the potential ABC "trifecta" — aka landing full-time roles on Dancing With the Stars, American Idol and The Bachelor.

While Bones took Strahan's comments in jest, he also fueled rumors that he was interested in taking the job; while mentioning that all three shows at once would be a bit much, he said, "I'm in."

Even without DWTS, Idol and potentially The Bachelor, Bones' daily schedule is already jam-packed. His radio show, The Bobby Bones Show, airs daily, and he also tours the country doing stand-up. To add even more, ABC announced Monday that Bones will be a part of the traveling Dancing With the Stars: Live! tour starting this winter.

But a busy schedule hasn't stopped him before. While on DWTS, the 38-year-old frequently mentioned his early-morning call times for his morning show paired with long rehearsal hours and late nights dancing.

Bones and Burgess overcame 20-1 Vegas odds at the beginning of the season ("Tied for dead last," as Bones put it) to take home the mirrorball trophy. While Bones has even admitted himself that he wasn't the best dancer in the competition, he clearly won over the hearts of many Americans and was able to win the competition on the popular vote.


Dancing With the Stars will return next year. Bones will also appear on American Idol, set to premiere in 2019. It remains to be seen if ABC is serious about Bones being featured on The Bachelor. Season 23, featuring Colton Underwood, will kick off Monday, Jan. 7.