'Big Brother' Veto Winner Torn Between Promises

Big Brother fan favorite Tyler Crispen found himself in quite the pickle during Wednesday's episode of the CBS reality series.

Head of Household Bayleigh Dayton nominated Brett Robinson and Rachel Swindler during Sunday's episode, but she kept her eyes on Brett the whole time.

"Brett is my target because he is dangerous, slick and a smooth talker," Bayleigh told the camera. "Plus Brett is a physical threat. Rachel, however, is a good pawn because I don't think she'll hold a grudge, and I feel like if I prove to her I can keep her safe, she'll be loyal to me in the end."

Rachel, while knowing she was a pawn, still got emotional over her tenuous loyalty to her Level 6 alliance, and conscripted her fellow alliance members into getting Bayleigh's mind off of Brett. And Bayleigh was struggling with her feelings that alliance member Faysal Shafaat was "trying to take over" her HOH position for telling JC Mounduix about her strategy and claiming credit for getting him off of the hypothetical block.

With all this tension in the house, the veto competition was going to be the difference between Level 6 or FOUTTE gaining a significant foothold in the game. In addition to Bayleigh, Rachel and Brett, Sam Bledsoe, JC, and Tyler were all chosen for the "Goober" themed veto competition.

Tyler emerged victorious, and was immediately faced with a tough call. While he had promised Bayleigh he would keep the nominations the same in order to ensure his own safety, he had also promised his Level 6 alliance members he would try and keep them safe.

"Once again, I have a big decision to make," he told the cameras. "Now that I officially have this veto, I need to sneakily work my way around Bayleigh and figure out how to use this veto if I did use it."

He decided to put a target on Scottie Salton's back by painting him as his best friend, thereby manipulating Bayleigh into using her Power App against Scottie in retaliation for Tyler's betrayal when he did save his alliance buddies with the veto. But when he heard that Rachel was spreading rumors about his intentions, Tyler seriously considered throwing his alliance allegiance to the wind and saving Brett.

In the end, Tyler decided not to use his veto, therefore maintaining his alliance with Bayleigh and keeping himself off her radar when it comes to her use of the Power App next week.

But who will go home?


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Photo Credit: CBS / Sonja Flemming