'Big Brother': Memphis Garrett Talks Christmas Abbott Wedding Plans and Whether He'll Return to Reality TV (Exclusive)

It's been well over a year since Big Brother fans got to see many of their favorite houseguests return for the second All-Stars season. Since the October 2020 finale, Memphis Garrett, who originally competed on Big Brother 10, has been making some pretty big life changes. Not only is he expanding his hospitality business, Garrett Hospitality Group, but he is also set to tie the knot with his fellow Big Brother 22 competitor, Christmas Abbott. What has Memphis been up to since then? And does he have any aspirations to return to reality TV? PopCulture.com recently got to chat with Memphis about life post-BB22 and he didn't hold back. 

First and foremost, Memphis' life after Big Brother 22 has changed exponentially now that he has Christmas by his side. The couple announced their engagement in June of this year. Memphis and Christmas competed alongside each other on the CBS series, but they didn't form a romantic connection until the season ended. The former reality star noted that he floated the idea of having a showmance with Christmas during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, but he never thought that their paths would have connected. However, after spending time with her outside of the house, he knew that she was the one for him. 

"Once I spent time with her, I was like 'This is, this is my future wife, literally without a doubt.' So it's a very interesting thing," he explained. "And it's a dynamic that I can't really... Have to put a finger on it, but the world definitely had to align it a certain way to put me and her in that house together. I wasn't a part of any reality TV for 10 years. I was on Big Brother and then I moved on and did my career and I never would have ever gone back if it wasn't for COVID, if it wasn't for my restaurants being shut down, there would have been no way I would've gone back. So, it's just so crazy how the world works."

While catching up with Memphis, he also shared some details about the pair's upcoming wedding celebrations, including that they have plans to wed in May of 2022. Because of his background in creating brands and experiences, he's the one who's taking the reins on wedding planning. Memphis shared that they were due to have their first tasting in Savannah, Georgia, soon, which is where they'll be exchanging vows. He added, "So we're moving on along, but I'm very particular with all that stuff. She is not as much, so I'm having fun doing it. Me and Christmas... that woman was made for me, and there's something there that I never thought that I would find, and I have it, and I'm so looking forward to spending the rest of my life with Christmas."


Considering that Memphis has had a lengthy history with the reality TV genre, does he envision returning to that world in the future? According to him, he's busy focused on wedding planning and growing Garrett Hospitality Group. He is adding to his ever-growing company by opening two restaurants in the Florida area this year. So, he definitely has his hands full.

While he might be taking a step back from reality television, for the time being, Memphis did have a message that he wants to share with Big Brother fans. He understands that there will always be a level of criticism that folks on reality TV have to deal with, but when it comes to sending hate-filled messages and death threats, it's a different issue entirely and one that needs to be addressed. He explained, "I think moving forward with when these fans watch shows like this, they got to understand that all these people are human." Even though he has to deal with this negativity, he knows how to keep things in perspective.

"You just have to realize these people got to be going through some stuff to write crazy stuff to people they don't know," Memphis continued. "Look, I am who I am. And people that know me, know me, if people that don't know me and only watch me on TV, they have a different perspective. But, if you see me in the street say hello, give me a high five. I'll give it back to you, that's for sure."