'Big Brother' Brings Back Fan-Favorite Rachel Reilly Amid Houseguest Tension

Big Brother season 20 brought back Rachel Reilly to the house, as tensions ran high after the latest nomination ceremony.

With Sam Bledsoe as Head of Household, and the Bonus Life power app set to potentially save the next evicted houseguest, alliances within the house were shifting. Knowing the power she was awarded in the BB App Store would be up for grabs, Bledsoe nominated Haleigh Broucher and Kaitlyn Herman.

Houseguests, as well as fans, were shocked to find out Bledsoe nominated the female contestants as she thinks they disrespect the male contestants on the series, and contribute the least in the house.

(Photo: Getty Images)

Despite her harsh commentary, Bledsoe revealed to Tyler Crispen during Wednesday's episode that once the nominations are locked in — after the veto competition — she planned on telling the nominees about the power app, ensuring she will have an alliance with the next evicted houseguest.

As the houseguests waited for the veto competition to begin, the doorbell rang, and Reilly made a triumphant return to the house to chat with the houseguests, and host the key competition.

"Hey America, I am back in the Big Brother house!" Reilly, who became a legend on Big Brother 12 and won season 13, said.

"Oh My God, it's Rachel from BB12 and the winner of BB13," Bayleigh Dayton said. "She's absolutely legendary, a competition beast like, amazing."

"I'm losing my mind right now, because she is a legend," Crispen said, as footage showed him trying to stay away from the Big Brother All-Star. "But I can't get all these dumb people know that I love this show so much and I gotta keep it in. But I'm sorry Rachel, I love you, you are the queen. I'm about to bow down right now."

Reilly announced that she would be hosting the veto competition, as fans had a few words about the surprise return.

The name of the game was "Chop, Bonk, Spank," an ode to a fan-favorite competition from BB19. A game of memory with a spanking twist.

"Can the spank be a little harder?" Angie "Rockstar" Lantry joked during the competition.

"Naughty," Reilly responded.

After several rounds of spanking and hitting, Faysal Shafaat won the power of veto.


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