'Big Brother' Head of Household Narrows the Field With Eviction Nominees

Angela Rummans is staying true to her Big Brother alliance with this week's eviction nominees — [...]

Angela Rummans is staying true to her Big Brother alliance with this week's eviction nominees — at least for now.

The fitness model emerged victorious during the Head of Household competition in Sunday's episode of the CBS reality show, keeping the Level 6 alliance firmly in charge of the game for yet another week.

And while fans questioned whether she would stay loyal to showmance partner Tyler Crispen and best friend Kaycee Clark as the weeks tick closer to the end of the game, Angela stayed true to Level 6 with her nominations, putting up Sam Bledsoe and JC Mounduix for elimination this week.

"Unfortunately for me, I've had to get so much blood on my hands and your hands are clean," she told them. "So if I'm lucky enough to be the final two, I don't stand a chance against either of you."

Angela decided to target Sam going into the final four, saying that because the welder had the ability to become everyone's "best friend," she would be dangerous going into a final two when it comes to the Jury House vote, where Angela is not that popular.

This is Sam's third week on the block, having never formed an agreement with any real alliance, and JC's second time, despite his problematic behavior in the house over the course of the season. However, Level 6 struggled over whether to make JC the real target in this week's eviction, despite his general cooperation with the Level 6 alliance, even when blindsiding his friend Brett Robinson in Thursday's Double Eviction.

JC is feuding with the alliance after expressing to Tyler how unhappy he was that he was working so closely with the women in the house, and that the three of them went ahead with the Brett blindside without first filling him in. He vowed to put one of the Level 6 players up on the block if he won the HOH competition, which clearly didn't work out for him, but he could have his revenge by winning the Power of Veto later this week!

As always, however, everything could change in a moment, which is arguably the best part of Big Brother.

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Photo credit: CBS