Beth Chapman Reveals 'Seriously Dedicated' Dog in New Tattoo Snap

Dog the Bounty Hunter is head over heels for his wife Beth Chapman, in case you had any doubts.The [...]

Dog the Bounty Hunter is head over heels for his wife Beth Chapman, in case you had any doubts.

The A&E reality show couple has been together for 30 years now, and although they've had their ups and downs, is more in love than ever, Beth proved in a recent photo of husband Duane "Dog" Chapman's tattoo.

In a photo she posted to Instagram Wednesday, Beth shows off her husband's tanned chest, tattooed over the heart with a cursive "Beth" inked over his heart.

dog the bounty hunter tattoo
(Photo: Instagram/Beth Chapman)

"Seriously dedicated!" she captioned the photo. "Love this guy."

The couple has been through a lot together, including Beth's recent battle with throat cancer.

Her journey from diagnosis to risky surgery was documented in a special on A&E titled Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives, which aired in November.

The emotional special gave a heartbreaking look at how hard Dog took his wife's life-threatening illness, even showing the former bounty hunter breaking down in tears numerous times as he contemplated a life without Beth.

"I believe in that positiveness," he told her, sobbing, during the special. "I don't believe in the natural. The supernatural is what I want to look at. I can't say, 'She might die.' I can't do that Bethy, I can't do that."

Dog also revealed that relied on his faith in God to get him through the hard times.

"You pray, you ask God to intervene," he said. "It's the worst thing she's ever faced. I'm scared to death. I don't know what to say...I wish it were me."

Beth, meanwhile, was trying to hold her family together with a positive attitude.

"My whole life, I have been an example to other people," she said, recalling the death of her daughter and her time in jail. "I've had so many comebacks. I'm going to come back from this."

The former bounty hunter was given a 50/50 chance of survival by doctors, but was declared "cancer free" soon after she recovered from the invasive procedure.

"There is a God. This could be a miracle. This could be a healing," Dog said on camera after receiving the news. "[The doctor] said if I wasn't such a good husband it wouldn't have worked out that great. Oh, I can breathe. Beth Chapman, you did it."

The couple inspired fans with their devotion throughout the traumatic process.

"When we made a pledge many years ago," Dog previously told PEOPLE. "I said I'd love her in sickness and in health until death do us part. And that truth has really, really come alive in my mind. And I have to stand on that; I gave her an oath that I would love her forever. And thank God it's not till death do us part at this point."

Photo credit: Instagram/Beth Chapman