Bear Grylls Teams up With 12 Marooned Strangers for Discovery's New 'Treasure Island' Adventure Series (Exclusive)

International adventurer Bear Grylls is seeing just what happens when strangers are marooned together on a deserted island with a hidden cash prize up for grabs. Treasure Island With Bear Grylls is airing Thursdays on Discovery beginning June 18, can exclusively announce, and the stakes have never been higher for the 12 stranded contestants.

With the treasure of a lifetime hidden somewhere on the deserted tropical island, the contestants must decide if they want to work together to improve their chances or ditch their "weaker" competitors to go at it alone. The adventure kicks off under the watchful eye of Grylls, who is known as one of the most capable and savvy survival experts in the world.

"This radical new twist on the island experience will test whether human nature really is ruled by the quest for financial gain, or whether co-operation and altruism in the face of adversity can bring their own reward," Grylls said in a news release.

Finding the treasure won't simply be a matter of tracking down the prize and getting along with fellow survivalists. Mother Nature is no joke on Treasure Island, and the competitors will have to handle everything from scorching temperatures and tropical storms to using their skills to find food and fresh water. The competition promises to push everyone to their physical and mental limits, but if someone leaves early, they leave with nothing in their pockets. Will the treasure be enough to keep the team focused and working together? Or will greed corrupt the group?

The UK version of Treasure Island With Bear Grylls, originally titled The Island With Bear Grylls, first premiered in 2014 on Channel 4 with a slightly different premise, but pivoted to including cash prizes being dropped on the island in the sixth series, which debuted in September 2019.


Treasure Island With Bear Grylls airs the second part of its six-part series Thursday, June 18 at 8 p.m. on Discovery. To catch up with part one, watch on Discovery's website here. Treasure Island With Bear Grylls is produced for Discovery Channel by Shine (part of Endemol Shine UK). For Shine, Executive Producers are Sebastian Grant and Tim Whitwell. For The Natural Studios, Executive Producers are Bear Grylls and Delbert Shoopman. For Discovery Channel, Executive Producer is Laura Crowson. For more on Discovery's shows from PopCulture, click here.