'Treasure Island with Bear Grylls' Viewers Flip After Contestant Drinks His Own Urine After Less Than 24 Hours

Minutes into the first episode of Treasure Island with Bear Grylls, fans of the British reality show were treated to a contestant who was unafraid to go to the extreme when it comes to preserving water. Regardless of being given 24 hours' worth of meals and water, 27-year-old Ben got into the spirit of things by drinking his own urine — despite the fact that clean water was still on hand.

Showing a clear bottle full of yellow liquid, he joked, "Looks like piss, smells like piss, tastes like heaven." He then plugged his nostrils and drank from the bottle, baffling his co-stars, who weren't quite at the urine-drinking stage just yet.

Ruby, a waitress, quickly left the scene, asking, "What are you drinking you wee for again?"

"I had piss, and I didn't wish to waste it," Ben replied. "Because in this environment the faster we adapt the more chance we've received of surviving."

"It actually tastes quite nice, like apple juice," he said.

Fans also couldn't believe their eyes, taking to Twitter to share their reaction. "Bruh this was completely unnecessary wtf is with double glazing salesmen #treasureisland," one Twitter user wrote.

"Where does he buy his apple juice?" another quipped.

"That lad drinking his own piss 5 minutes in ... he's been watching an excessive amount of bear grylls [in my opinion]," another said.

"The guy has been there 5 mins and already on his own piss!!! Perhaps wait a few days when it comes a life and death situ," another said.

On Treasure Island with Bear Grylls, which is a spinoff from the survival series The Island, 12 contestants are left to fend for themselves on an island in a bid to walk away with their share of £100,000. Over the course of a month, deposits of different amounts of money will be dropped over the island, with the contestants having to decide whether to share the money between them or keep it for themselves.


On Sunday's episode, former Royal Marines Commando Marco and Lord Ivar Mountbatten went off to look for water but instead came across a deposit box. After hiking up a steep hill to get the box, they decided to split the £15,000 inside between them, keeping it a secret from the rest of the group. Later on, they decided to go on a mission to search for the other boxes instead of looking for resources. They found another box, this time with £20,000 inside it.

"£17,000 in two days is a lot of money, I feel rather guilty but hey ho it's a bit of a game," Ivar said.