Bear Grylls Teases 'Running Wild' Episode With Bobby Bones

With less than a week away until Bobby Bones appears on Running Wild with Bear Grylls, the TV host is teasing the Jan. 14 episode by sharing a clip of Grylls with Bones. Bones previously revealed that their episode was shot in Norway, and that he was cold and wet, which Grylls seems to verify with the short clip he posted.

"So I'm in Norway, in the mountains, in the rain for Running Wild. My guest this episode is an incredible man. He can do it all, sing, dance. He has TV shows, radio stations. It's the one and only .." Grylls said, as the camera panned to Bones.

"Hi, I'm Bobby," Bones deadpanned. "We're in for some trouble here boys."

The clip appears to show Bones with dirt on his teeth, which Grylls explained in a separate tweet was actually charcoal.

Bones previously admitted it was one of the most harrowing experiences of his life, although in hindsight also one of his best.

"It was two days, and they don't tell you what you're about to do, so, the whole time you feel like you're about to die," Bones recalled to "And they keep elevating the death. But, I had to eat something crazy and I almost died a couple times. But, I'm here and I loved it. It was really one of the best experiences of my life. It was crazy."

Bones was also surprised to get the invitation to appear on Running Wild, since the show often includes celebrities of superstar status, a category Bones doesn't feel he belongs in, at least not yet.

"I'm super pumped that I got to be on the show 'cause everybody's way more famous than me," Bones reflected. "So, when I went into it, I was like, I really have to take on every challenge head-on because I don't wanna be the least famous and the worst. So, I can be the least famous, but, I wanna do one of the best. And, so, not to spoil it but I didn't die."


Bones' Running Wild with Bear Grylls episode will air on Tuesday, Jan. 14. Check National Geographic for local listings.

Photo Credit: Getty / Gabe Ginsberg