'Basketball Wives' Star 'Offered' to Allow Husband to Have Baby With Another Woman

Tami Roman has a lot of women scratching their heads at her latest revelation. The former Basketball Wives star is happily married to Reggie Youngblood. Roman has two adult daughters by her ex-husband Kenny Anderson. Youngblood, who is nearly 20 years younger than Roman, does not have any children of his own, but desires his own family. Due to Roman's age and health issues, as well as her burgeoning career, she is unable to give Youngblood any kids. But Roman says she has a solution: allow Youngblood to have a baby by another woman.

During a recent interview on the FOX daytime talk show The Real, Roman got candid about her decision and how she ultimately came up with the idea. "I feel like I'm at a point where my career is starting to do, and reward me for all of my efforts and the time that I've been in this business, and a baby for me right now would just not be the thing to do," she said. "So what I offered [Reggie] was an opportunity for us to take a break for a year or two and let him go find someone to have a child with. And then when he has his baby, we could get back together."

Roman says she'd be involved in the child's life and work as a blended family with Youngblood.  "[I would] help raise the baby, it's just I don't want to have it," she added. "I don't want to go get my eggs and all that. It's really more about him being able to have his legacy here because he's an only child and he does not have any children. So it's really more for him than it is for me."

Despite the offer, she says Youngblood has declined her idea. "But he said, 'I don't want that. I fell in love with you, you're the woman that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, and if God put me here and I'm not supposed to have children, then that's what it is,'" she continued. 


Roman did try to fulfill Youngblood's wish on her own. In 2015, Roman suffered a miscarriage when she was ten weeks pregnant. She says they tried three times in total before she ultimately stopped trying.