'Basketball Wives' Star's Ankle Monitor Allegedly Cost Her a $30K Fenty Deal

Brittish Williams made her return to Basketball Wives for the highly anticipated 10th season of the VH1 reality show. But her fairytale comeback has seemingly turned into a nightmare. While filming, Williams was indicted by the federal government on fraud charges. Last fall, news hit that the U.S. Attorney's Office Eastern District of Missouri charged her with five felony charges of misuse of a Social Security number; four charges of bank fraud; three charges of making false statements to the IRS; three charges of wire fraud; and three charges of aggravated identity theft. She's since been placed on house arrest and is required to wear an ankle monitor, which she says recently prohibited her from earning $30,000 and she wants the monitor removed so she's able to make money.

This all stems from Williams saying she missed out on a brand partnership as an ambassador for Rihanna's Savage x Fenty lingerie line. The company reportedly declined to move forward because they do not want the monitor shown in the photos. Radar Online reports that Williams asked a federal court judge to modify the condition of her release while she's out awaiting trial on identity theft charges. The judge previously demanded that Williams be subject to electronic monitoring and a daily curfew. Williams states in the doc that the ankle monitor is "significantly hampering her career opportunities and preventing her from being as successful and productive as she might otherwise be." Her lawyer notes that her role on Basketball Wives requires her to shoot for the series and appear for a number of red-carpet events in which the monitor will be shown. 

"The presence of an ankle monitor creates a significant obstacle that makes it difficult for Ms. Williams to meet her obligations," her lawyer wrote in the latest plea. He also says the monitor has caused issues on the set of the reality show. "The producers of the show do not want the ankle monitor to be visible," he wrote. "This creates stark limitations on the outfits and costuming that Ms. Williams can utilize. Ms. Williams does not engage in work for which she gets to choose her own outfits and clothes."


Her attorney previously said he feels Williams is being targeted due to her celebrity and she's innocent. The legal team also notes that in the event the judge agrees to allow Williams not to wear the monitor, she is not a flight risk and has no prior criminal history.