'Basketball Wives': Malaysia Pargo Exits After 10 Seasons

Malaysia Pargo is calling it quits when it comes to her time on Basketball Wives. Pargo, who first joined Basketball Wives L.A. in 2011, shared during the Feb. 27 episode of the hit VH1 show that she would no longer be filming her journey for reality television. Pargo's decision to exit the show comes amid a falling out with many of her co-stars, including Jennifer Williams. 

"I enjoy doing Basketball Wives. It's been 10 years," Pargo said of her decision to step back from the show. "But at a point, you have to realize and say, 'I love a baby that don't love me back.' So I have to walk away from this group and this show." Following her most recent drama with Williams at Jackie Christie's ponderosa, Pargo met up with Christie and DJ Duffey to share with them the decision she had made regarding her future on the show.

"At this point, I won't be coming around your group of friends anymore, the band that you put together," she told Christie. "I'm definitely not coming around that group of people, permanently. I just don't care to be around people giving me, like, bad vibes. I guess what I'm trying to say is that my mental health is worth way more." She insisted, "I'm not quitting you. I'm just quitting the situation," thanking both of her co-stars for stepping up and trying to help her heal her relationships with the other ladies. 

"I just wanted to make sure that I came and had this conversation with you because I really respect the two of you," Pargo added. "And your efforts on trying to make me feel comfortable around the girls are not unnoticed and I wanted to say thank you. I love you from the bottom of my heart." It's been more than 10 years since Pargo first joined the world of Basketball Wives, having been cast as part of the Los Angeles spinoff of the franchise until its end in 2016. When the original Basketball Wives series was rebooted in 2017, Pargo returned. There may be a future for Pargo on the series, however.  "Who knows what the future holds," she said. "But what I do know is I don't care about how much of a dollar amount is behind it, you have to stand up for yourself."