'Basketball Wives' Season 10 Drops New Trailer

The second half of Basketball Wives Season 10 is coming soon. The cast includes familiar faces from both the Miami and LA franchise, reuniting  Angel Brinks, Brandi Maxielle, Brittish Williams, Brooke Bailey, DJ Duffey, Jackie Christie, Jennifer Williams, and Malaysia Pargo. Part two premieres on Feb. 13 at 8 PM ET/PT on VH1 and picks up where the explosive season ended. When viewers left off, British was facing serious allegations of fraud and remains on supervised house arrest as she awaits trial. She insists she's innocent. OG Jennifer was embarking on a new romantic relationship after the devastating death of her dog just a few years after losing ger beloved mother to cancer. Pargo was struggling amid her ex-husband Janero Pargo's alleged refusal to pay child support, and her friendship with Maxielle was on life support. Brinks was set to give birth to her third child while in a seemingly unstable relationship with her boyfriend Roc as she hid from public scrutiny.

The trailer shows the ladies all in differing areas of life. Jennifer gushes over her new man, Jelani, saying in her confessional, "It's been a minute since I felt good about being in a relationship." British cries while discussing the possibility of going to jail for federal fraud. Bailey opens up about the estrangement between her and her husband. Last season, she contemplated undergoing IVF in hopes of having a baby, but her husband appeared unsure. According to reports, the two are no longer together. When filming ended after the mid-season finale, Bailey lost her daughter Kayla in a tragic car accident. It's unclear if the season will chronicle that story.

Brinks cries while saying she's not OK, seemingly hinting at trouble with her and Roc. Duffey argues with her longtime fiance, and her friendship with Maxielle seems to be in jeopardy. The trailer does hint to someone getting engaged, but it's unclear who.