'Bad Girls Club' Star Whitney Collings' Cause of Death Revealed

Whitney Collings, who starred in an early season of the Oxygen reality series Bad Girls Club, died after taking a toxic mixture of drugs and alcohol, according to her death certificate. Collings died on Dec. 3, 2020, at the Melrose-Wakefield Hospital in Melrose, Massachusetts. She was 33.

Collings' immediate cause of death was acute intoxication by the combined effects of fentanyl, cocaine, alcohol, and clonazepam, according to the document obtained by TMZ. Clonazepam is a prescription medication used to control or prevent seizures and panic attacks. The manner of death was listed as accidental and she was buried in Peabody, Massachusetts on Dec. 10.

The former reality TV star appeared on Bad Girls Club Season 3, which played up her Boston upbringing. She gained a following for her explosive clashes with co-stars and was removed from the show early after one fight got too violent. She was only 21 when she starred on the show. The series ended in May 2017 after 17 seasons and 275 episodes. The premise of Bad Girls Club centered on a group of so-called "bad girls" thrown together in a luxurious mansion.

After her time on the show ended, Collings briefly tried a career in films by starring in a movie called Summer of the Saint. The movie was never finished, so she moved on to other pursuits. According to her death certificate, she worked in the cannabis industry, as recreational marijuana is legal in Massachusetts.

"I am completely broken and will never get over this. Life is so unfair. She was kind with a big heart," Collings' mother, Linda Houghton Collings, reportedly wrote on Facebook in December. "I am completely heartbroken Whitney Collings we have so many fun memories together... Rest easy beautiful angel your with your dad now," a friend also wrote on Facebook.


A year after Collings left Bad Girls Club, she told Reality Wanted she was happy with her experience on the series. "I'm really glad," she said in 2009. "It was an opportunity of a lifetime. Good or bad, you just have to go with it. I would definitely do it again. I don't have any regrets." Collings went on to advise other reality stars to "just be yourself" when the cameras rolled. "Casting directors know if you are acting," she said at the time. "There is no secret to reality TV casting. Every show looks for something different. It's luck of the draw."

In June 2020, another member of the Bad Girls Club roster died. Demitra "Mimi" Roche died at age 34. A cause of death has not been reported. "She was a big dreamer and was a part of our Valholla family. I'm heartbroken by the news of her passing." record producer Vince Valholla wrote on Facebook. "I'm thankful I got to know and work with her. My thoughts are with her family, loved ones, and friends. God gained another angel."