'Bachelorette' Alum JJ Lane Calls Ex Juelia Kinney an 'Ice Woman'

Bachelorette alum JJ Lane has some harsh words for his ex!

Lane appears on this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars alongside ex-girlfriend Juelia Kinney, whom he met on Bachelor in Paradise.

The couple enrolled in the We TV reality series in order to try and fix their relationship, but despite the counselors' best efforts, things didn't work out, Lane told Life & Style. The experience also proved to be a bit more emotional for Lane than it did his former paramour.

"Juelia doesn't cry," he said. "She's, you know — ice woman. I give her credit. I'm more of an emotional guy."

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Despite the unflattering description, Lane and Kinney both appear to have moved on without much drama. Lane is now in an "amazing, very healthy, loving relationship with someone that's not related to any TV," he told the magazine.

"I wanted a normal human being that wasn't worried about her Instagram following and how many views she got on her Instagram story, so thank goodness," he continued.


Kinney also opened up about her past relationship to Life & Style, saying in a livestream that the boot camp experience helped the her and Lane realize they weren't "compatible" based on the info they learned about each other

The 33-year-old mother of one is currently dating Bachelor in Paradise alum Evan Bass' brother Adam.