'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Pokes Fun at Size of Tyler Cameron's Package

The "Quarantine Crew" featuring The Bachelorette stars Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron continue to provide the kind of content Bachelor Nation fans need to get through this global health crisis. Recently, the pair took to Instagram Live to showcase one of their workout sessions with personal trainer Phil Fit, as Us Weekly noted. During their workout session, things got a little bit cheeky between the two exes, which only added to the speculation surrounding their relationship status.

Both Brown and Cameron donned superhero outfits for their workout, which was featured on Instagram Live. In the video, Cameron can be seen asking Brown to put on his cape in order to complete his own outfit, but the former Bachelorette replies with a rather cheeky statement. The reality star joked to Cameron to "put that thing away" as she went to cover his crotch area with a bandana. While this joking moment could have simply been one between friends, Bachelor Nation has been wondering whether Brown and Cameron are an item once again based on their recent "Quarantine Crew" hangouts.

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Brown and Cameron have been seen hanging out together, along with friends, as they quarantine together during this coronavirus pandemic. The pair have subsequently released numerous posts on social media of how they and the rest of the "quarantine crew" are passing their time.

There has been so much speculation into the two reality stars' relationship status, that Chris Harrison himself has even weighed in on the matter, as Us Weekly pointed out.


“I love Hannah to death, you guys know that,” Harrison told Lauren Zima during his Fireside Chat via Instagram. “Tyler is a true gentleman, he’s a really good guy. I know he looks decent but, in all seriousness, he’s a true gentleman. He’s a good man, so if those two people find each other and they’re happy, I stan that. I ship that. I do all the things the kids are saying these days.”

“I just wish them well," he added. "Can you still do that? Can I just wish them happiness in these crazy times? Look, if nothing else comes of this, maybe two great people that I love a lot fall in love — or not! Maybe they’re just quarantining together and they’re finding happiness in a weird quarantine time.”