'Bachelorette' Alum Chad Johnson Shares Update Following Hospitalization

Former The Bachelorette star Chad Johnson shared updates on his Instagram Story after he was [...]

Former The Bachelorette star Chad Johnson shared updates on his Instagram Story after he was briefly hospitalized on Saturday. Police performed a welfare check on Saturday at his San Fernando Valley area apartment and took him to a nearby hospital to have him checked out. Hours later, Johnson told his followers "things are fine" and tried to uplift others.

One of the now-deleted Instagram Story posts appeared to be taken in someone's living room.

"I'm okay. Things are fine. I love you," he wrote in a caption on the photo. "I love you. You'll be great. Life is going to be okay. Forgive yourself. Let go."

Another picture was taken from the front seat of a car. In the caption for this picture, Johnson asked fans to stop calling police.

"Hey idiots stop calling the police I'm not at home," Johnson wrote. "I don't want to be abducted or kidnapped. Good luck b—. Come find me."

Later he shared a card signed by a woman named Annalise, reading, "I love you. I care about you so f— much. I would write more but that's all that matters," reports Entertainment Tonight.

Police visited Johnson twice in the last two days of last week. On Friday, they visited him after he posted a photo of a cord tied around a door with the caption "It'll be okay." At that time, police determined there was no threat to his life.

Hours later, Johnson shared two more concerning videos on his Instagram Story, TMZ reported. One showed Johnson sitting at a table with what looked like the same cord in the Friday post. The second post showed Johnson talking to someone behind a door, saying, "I have no choice."

In another quickly-deleted Instagram Story photo, Johnson shared a photo of his arm, which appeared to be strapped down.

"I didn't break any laws," he wrote. "15 police break into my apartment while I'm in bed asleep and wheel me out. Why am I here."

Law enforcement was called to Johnson's home, and decided to take him to a hospital "out of fear he may be a danger to himself" and for "further evaluation," TMZ reports. A Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson confirmed to ET officers were called to a home at around 10 a.m. PT Saturday due to a male threatening suicide.

Johnson's hospitalization came after he was arrested Monday in Van Nuys, California on robbery and domestic violence charges after a fight with girlfriend Annalise Milsher turned violent. Milsher claimed he got physical with her and punched a hole in her wall. He is scheduled to return to court this month.

On Wednesday, Johnson posted a video on Instagram to tell his side of the story. He also claimed the domestic violence allegations were false. Johnson said he was drinking the day of the fight, and they broke up.

"There was never any domestic abuse of any kind, I have never laid hands on a woman any time in my entire life," Johnson claimed. "I was in the Marine Corps and was taught core values. I have a sister. I am a very overprotective brother. If she ever felt in danger, I would want her to call. If any women out there ever feels like they are in any danger, I urge you to call 9-1-1."

Johnson rose to fame on JoJo Fletcher's The Bachelorette season, and appeared on Bachelor in Paradise and Ex on the Beach.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Photo credit: Michael Tullberg/Getty Images