[SPOILER] Sent Home on 'The Bachelor'

Caroline and Brittany T. will not be finding love on The Bachelor.

The 26-year-old realtor and the 30-year-old tech recruiter were sent home by Arie Luyendyk Jr. during Monday's episode of the ABC dating show after the Bachelor crew traveled to Lake Tahoe.

There, they learned survival skills and taxidermy enthusiast Kendall got maybe a little too into it and ate some bugs to show her affection for the race car driver.

"This is the kind of date where Kendall shines," the 26-year-old creative director told cameras before taking a fist full of worms to the face. "I'll eat bugs. I've eaten bugs before. It's time to show Arie what I'm made of."

Maquel, the 23-year-old photographer who apologized earlier this month for a racist photo that appeared on her social media timeline from when she was younger, also went home after getting the call that her grandfather had passed away before the group date.

"It's hard getting that news," she told the cameras before heading home.

"She's just going to go home, but I think she needs to come back," fellow contestant Marikh told the cameras. "I think Arie will be really understanding and compassionate about it."

Oddly enough, Luyendyk didn't meet with Maquel before she headed home, despite producers having time to film a confessional interview with the contestant prior to her exit.

Seinne went on the first one-on-one date with the Bachelor hunk, parasailing in Zephyr Cove before heading to the Hard Rock Casino for a concert by the band LANCO. Finally, after weeks of audience members declaring their own crushes on the 27-year-old commercial real estate manager, Luyendyk seemed to get the picture and awarded her with a date rose.

For the second one-on-one date, Luyendyk and Bekah M. took to the horse trails before grabbing dinner in a pretty underwhelming date when you consider Becca K.'s first one-on-one, when she took home thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing.

After a surprisingly drama-free conversation about their 14-year age difference, the 36-year-old race car driver gave the 22-year-old nanny a rose, but admitted he was "guarding his heart" in regards to their relationship.

Tia was also given a rose after her confrontation with Krystal, who continued to cement her place as the season's villain with her whisper-talking, condescending sound bites and last minute pleading with Luyendyk prior to the rose ceremony.

But when it came down to Krystal, Brittany T. and Caroline for the last rose, Krystal's mean girl tactics won out.


"She is playing him like a fiddle, man," Caroline said before making her exit.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.