'Austin Dillon's Life in the Fastlane': Paul and Mariel Swan Talk 'Coolest Thing' About USA Series (Exclusive)

NASCAR driver Austin Dillon has a new show on USA called Austin Dillon's Life in the Fastlane. And while the show takes a look at Dillon's life on the track, viewers are also introduced to two of his close friends, Paul Swan and his wife Mariel Swan. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Paul and Mariel open up about their experience of being on Austin Dillon's Life in the Fastlane. 

"It was the coolest thing in the world," Paul exclusively told PopCulture. "We're basically just living our life now with a camera in front of us. That's what it was. It was us being us, having fun, doing the things we love to do, and just showing our love and friendship for each other. So it was sick. It was definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done."

Paul is a member of Dillon's pit crew and became friends over the years. Mariel is close friends with Dillion's wife Whitney, and they have reality show experience as they were on the series Racing Wives. "Well, this show was just super near and dear to our heart, Life in the Fast Lane, because it's about us four," Mariel said. "And it goes through the journey of our friendship and how we became what we've become, which is family. So I think for this, I feel like you got a super genuine, authentic look into who we are as people, who we are as a group. And you also get a really cool look into NASCAR in itself and all the intricate parts that go into it. So it was just really cool to showcase everything that God has done within our lives, within our friendships and to share that with the world."

Along with enjoying life with Austin and Whitney Dillon, Paul and Mariel Swan also show viewers their journey into parenthood. Mariel is pregnant on the show and had her baby in May. When asked about the experience of being young parents, Paul and Mariel are enjoying the ride.


"Watching her transition into being a mom has been so effortless, so elegant, and it's so fun watching her and Bella and seeing Bella change already so much with a month," Paul said about Mariel and their daughter. "She's been around for a month and a week, and she's already changed so much. So it's really cool. We love it. I think we were both super ready to be parents, so it's all working out really good."