'Are You the One?': Brooke and Leo's Connection Causes Tension in Exclusive Sneak Peek

Things are heating up in the Are You the One? Season 9 house, but not all the singles are taking the challenge of finding their perfect match as seriously as others – and it's starting to cause tension in the house. Brooke Rachman and Leo Svete already learned during the blackout that they weren't a perfect match, but in a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Wednesday's all-new episode of the Paramount+ show, they demonstrate just how little they seem to care about securing the cash prize for them and the rest of the house.

"Leo and I are not a perfect match, but I've been sleeping across from Leo and we will cuddle up at night," Rachman confesses in the preview of Wednesday's episode. "Deep down, I know that he doesn't feel that way because he's showing that he is interested in me and I'm excited about it." The two are definitely connecting on a physical level, as Rachman can be seen telling Svete she's "so horny" while lying on top of him in bed. "Yeah, you are," he assures her. "Me too." 

Their love fest isn't working for the rest of the house, which seems to be more concentrated on winning the cash prize. "There's some things that need to change in this house," Taylor Kelly tells the camera. "Leo and Brooke, [who] are not a match, coupling up. We really need to kind of break those [two] away or no one's gonna find their perfect match."

Mikey Owusu agrees, "I do think it's a problem that Leo and Brooke are still kissing in the house. I feel like they are messing the game up for everyone else." Ollie Andersen notes, "By sleeping together each night in this pressure cooker, [Leo is] not allowing anyone to get to know Brooke. We need to start taking this game a bit more seriously."

Svete doesn't seem to take the criticism to heart, however, as the two continue to get hot and heavy making out in bed. "I don't care that we're not a match," he says. "Brooke and I would voluntarily go to the honeymoon suite, like that's where we're at."

Luckily for the singles' bank accounts, Anissa Aguilar and Aqel Carson are all but 100% confident they've found their perfect match in one another. "Aqel and I have been vibing really well and we've been connecting, and he's an amazing, amazing human being, and he truly does bring the best out of me," Aguilar gushes. "When people ask me like, 'Oh, is Aqel your perfect match?' I was like, 'I can see it.'" Carson agrees that Aguilar is his person in the house. "I'm already predicting it, it's gonna say perfect match across that screen and it's just gonna be 'boom.'" Can their potential match put the house back on the right track? Are You the One? is streaming now on Paramount+, with new episodes dropping every Wednesday.