Amy Roloff's Fans Criticize Her Boyfriend in Latest Photo

A sweet photo of Little People, Big World mom Amy Roloff and her boyfriend Chris Marek turned into a feeding frenzy for trolls, as some commenters criticized everything from his role in Roloff's life to his footwear.

The picture shows Marek with his arms around a costumed Roloff posing in front of the Roloff Farm sign, both looking contented and festive for the fall season.

However, critical commenters took issue with Chris and Amy's relationship saying they wanted her to get back together with ex-husband Matt Roloff. The two split in 2015.

"Great picture, but I still don't trust Chris," one person commented.

"Go get your husband back Amy," another added.

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Others took issue with Chris' appearance, zeroing in on a loose shoelace on the man's right foot.

"Tie your shoes," one person said.

"Hey Amy will you get Chris to tie his shoelace?" another chimed in.

Luckily, far more people commented on how happy the two look in the picture.

"Happiness looks so good on you guys Amy!" one person commented. "Thank you for sharing your journey with others...your faith, strength, courage and sense of adventure are truly inspiring!"


"People crack me up with their comments," another added. "They act like they know them personally. You see an hour show that was pieced together. Not sure how you can judge someone by that. So many Negative Nancy's that hate to see people happy."

Roloff is no stranger to trolls and social media controversy. This past September, she received quite a bit of backlash from fans over her Instagram posts that showcased the mother-of-four's focus was more on the business side of her brand instead of family. Obviously, that was not true.