Amy Roloff Responds to Rumors of Moving off the Farm

Amy Roloff assured Little People, Big World fans on Facebook she has not moved off the family farm. Some fans started worrying about a potential move after she posted a photo showing herself at another house.

Roloff shared a photo of herself at a different house on Halloween. That sparked concern from social media that she moved away from Roloff Farms and into a "new home." But she said that was not the case.

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"Yes, I haven't moved," Roloff wrote in a reply to fan's Facebook comment on Nov. 1. "I love living on the farm and having the kids come by all of the time. I was at Chris's house helping to hand out candy to all of the kids that came by. So fun. My kids had other plans."

The 53-year-old Roloff, who is well-known for interacting with her fans on social media, answered several other questions from fans on her Halloween post. One asked if Little People was coming back, since the show's 12th season ended in June.

"No word here that our show is ending. We don't have a confirmed confirmation on when the new episodes will air. We are hearing in March or earlier in the new year," she wrote, adding a smiley face emoji.

Roloff and her ex-husband Matt are the focus of Little People, which debuted in 2006. Their family lives on a farm near Portland, Oregon. Roloff is dating Chris Marek, and she's often criticized by fans for starting a relationship so quickly after her divorce last year.


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"Try not to make quick assumptions about anyone from what you see on an edited show," Roloff told a fan on Nov. 1. "My kids had other plans and I was at Chris's house helping to hand out candy to all of the kids. What a blast."