Amy Roloff Reveals What She's Thankful for in Emotional Message

It's the end of pumpkin season at Roloff Farm and Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff is focusing on the family and fans who keep her going through the busy times.

Roloff spent the fall dressing up as different characters such as a pirate, cheerleader and butterfly to greet farm patrons, all of which she documented on her Facebook page.

It's hard work, the 53-year-old said in a post, but seeing the smiles on the face of fans makes it worthwhile.

"Thank You All! You make the time and all the work worth it," she wrote. "We had a blast sharing our family farm with you. You keep me humble, thankful and feet planted on the ground by hearing your stories and meeting so many of you."

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Many of the people who come to Roloff Farm are fans of the TLC reality show, but Roloff said she was grateful for people of all different backgrounds who came out to celebrate the season.

"Many watch our show ... and see a family similar to theirs," she continued. "Anniversaries, Birthdays, Engagements, Honeymoons were celebrated by coming to the farm, a last family trip for a parent of her son needed to go on hospice, bucket list visits, others overcoming challenges whether it was an illness, a relationship or other they wanted to share and were inspired to come, military families.... lots of families having a great time as well as college students, couples young and old, first timers and many came because it’s tradition."

The Roloffs had an extra person helping out on the farm this year, even if their job was to bring a smile to everyone's face.

Baby Ember Jean, born to Audrey and Jeremy Roloff in September, was a mainstay on the farm this year.

Mom Audrey regularly posted photos of her family visiting the farm all through the season, melting people's hearts even in the fall chill.