Roloff Family Wraps up Pumpkin Season With 'Heart Melting' Photo

All month long, the cast of TLC’s Little People, Big World have been embracing pumpkin season with fans and tourists on their family farm in Hillsboro, Oregon, and now wrapped up the 14 days of fun with one epic family photo.

Audrey Roloff, wife of Jeremy, took to Instagram Sunday to share a photograph that fans called one that “melts your heart,” featuring the whole Roloff family minus daughter, Molly and new husband, Joel.

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“Wrapping up the 2017 pumpkin season today! Here’s our annual picture with the growing Roloff gang,” she wrote of the snapshot taken on Roloff Farms. “Missing you Molly and Joel.”

Fans were smitten with the photograph, writing that the togetherness just “melts your heart,” and how “beautiful” it was to see the whole family in one setting despite Matt and Amy being divorced.

“What a wonderful picture, glad to see you all together,” one user wrote, while another chimed in, “It’s good to set an example, although parents are divorced, your family doesn’t need to be broken.”

Roloff Farms just so happens to be one of the state’s favorite attractions, with autumn being peak season for festive fun and beauty.

Offering tourists access to a pumpkin patch, the Roloff family lets guests come and pick their own to take home from Giants, Blue/Pink pumpkins, hound speckled and white “Ghost” pumpkins, along with mini pumpkins and gourds too.

In addition to pony rides and face painting, the farm also offers fresh “kettle popcorn” and wagon tours that give you access to the farm and old, famous attractions.

It is also a fun place to snap a photo shoot! Over the weekend, wife of Zach Roloff, Tori, took to Instagram to share snapshots of her and 5-month-old son Jackson.

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“I never knew I could be so obsessed with another human,” she wrote. “How blessed are we that we have our own pumpkin patch to romp through! You’re going to have such great adventures J! I can’t wait to be a part of them!”

In the images captured by Isabel Sofia Rock Garreto, the girlfriend of Roloff’s brother-in-law, Jacob, the first-time mother shared three images of herself holding her infant son in her arms, along with two solo shots of the 5-month-old infant looking bemused as he sits among pumpkins.