Amy Roloff Slams Feud Rumors With New Year's Eve Photo

Amy Roloff shared a heartfelt message to Instagram on New Year's Eve, along with an almost complete family photo.

The elder Roloff kids spent Christmas with their father, Matt, while the the youngest, Jacob, was missing. However, Jacob and his girlfriend, Isabel, spent the final hours of 2017 with Amy Roloff, along with Zach and his wife Tori.

This splitting up of holidays had a lot of fans chattering about the feuds within the family — particularly between Jacob and Jeremy's wife, Audrey. Jacob has developed a reputation as the black sheep of the Roloff family, particularly because he rebels against their conservative Christian beliefs.

Audrey, in turn, is known for her devout Christianity, about which she loves to preach. Fans noticed that Jacob had unfollowed his sister-in-law on Instagram. In contrast, Jacob follows both of his brothers and Tori, as well as his parents.

Fans have been speculating that Jeremy and Audrey might be avoiding Jacob, and he might be doing the same to them. That would explain how they managed to miss each other over the holiday season.

When these rumors popped up in the comments of her Instagram post, Amy Roloff was not happy. She flatly informed fans that Jeremy and Audrey were "out of town."

"To clear it up, Jeremy and Audrey were out of town for New Years," she wrote when the comments mounted.


Of course, this was confirmed by Jeremy and Audrey's own social media posts, which were geo-tagged in Brasada Ranch, Central Oregon.

Still, fans continued to debate about Roloff family politics in Amy's comment section.