'American Idol': Watch Katy Perry Sing 'Firework' With Tissues up Her Nose

Leave it to the fiery and hilarious Katy Perry to bring the entertainment on American Idol.

With the auditions now over and contestants singing for their life in Hollywood, Perry is dedicated to finding the next Idol with fellow judges Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan and will puts work above her health if she has to!

In the exclusive preview of this Sunday's Idol chronicling the toughest Hollywood Week yet, the 34-year-old judge proves being a pro means showing up because the show must go on even if you are battling a cold.

The clip opens up with Perry sitting on the Hollywood Week panel in between Richie and Bryan, sneezing as her co-judge, Bryan looks on.

"You have allergies," he says as she sneezes again.

"No, I've got a cold. I'm just gonna stick this up here," she says, stuffing a tissue in one nostril as Bryan looks on.

"There's no days off in Katy Perry land," he interjects.

"Never has there been a day off," Perry says with a stuffy voice. "You think you guys are just going to lounge when you make it, forget about it."

Just then, Bryan makes a request to Perry: "Sing 'Firework' with that in there."

Without any hesitation, Perry breaks out in song, never missing a beat as the audience applause. After she's finished with the chorus, Perry huffs out each tissue, one nostril at a time while looking directly at Richie with Bryan laughing off-camera.

This season has had its fair share of some funny moments care of the judges. Last year's Idol winner Maddie Poppe paid a visit to the judges in the final auditions and almost sent Lionel Richie running for the hills thanks to a wild disguise.

Poppe, who took home the victory during the first season of the ABC reboot, transformed her blonde and bubbly self into a ray of darkness as Lady Mapo, sporting a black wig, pale makeup and a snakebite piercing. Making odd comments about last year's winner to the judges, Poppe as Lady Mapo had them taken aback by the remarks, but they quickly learned of the prank when Poppe began to sing "Rainbow Connection," which she covered last year during the finals.

Bryan also had his own moment of hilarity when he teasingly passed out after getting smitten with contestant, Katie Belle during her audition the moment she shook his hand after receiving a Golden Ticket.

After revealing in her audition that she was from Atlanta, Georgia, Perry told Belle that she looks like a "gosh darn supermodel," with Bryan chiming in to call her "the Gisele of Georgia."

In an effort to impress Bryan, Perry and Richie, Belle sang "Golden Slumbers" by The Beatles. After she finished, Perry joked that "Luke can't look at you. I think you probably have a magical spell that you put on."

"I was channeling Stevie Nicks today with the outfit today," Belle responded. "So good, I'm glad!"

Perry invited Bryan to speak first, though all he could get out was, "I tell ya, I'm a yes."


We'll see how Belle and the other contestants fair on Idol this season as Hollywood Week kicks off Sunday night.

American Idol airs Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.