'American Idol': Katy Perry Announces Pregnancy Alongside Judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie

Katy Perry's baby news has carried into American Idol as the panel of judges opened the show with a special clip congratulating the singer. Perry revealed she was six months pregnant in an Instagram video. The news first came out during her latest music video for "Never Worn White" when it was announced she was expecting.

"Guys I can't tell you how excited I am," began Lionel Richie. "We're going to have a fourth judge on the show this year."

Luke Bryan then chimed in, "I think it's the perfect addition to this panel."

Richie and Bryan then went back and forth, saying "I think [the news] should come from Katy."

"I'm having a baby," Perry said as she rubbed her stomach.

Coinciding with the reveal on the show, Perry, who recently made her first public apperance with her baby bump, took to Twitter to post that she's excited for her fellow judges to play a role in her and Orlando Bloom's child's life.

"Can't wait for Uncle [Lionel Richie] and Uncle [Luke Bryan] to teach my kid how to shop til they drop, and then tie a fishing hook," Perry wrote.

Bryan previously spoke about how his co-worker will make for a great mom when speaking with PEOPLE shortly after the news of Perry's pregnancy was announced.

"She's going to be a blast to have as a mom," Bryan told PEOPLE. "I couldn't imagine growing up in her household. Even when I talk about me and my kids, she's checking out how I juggle the kids. We'll see one day if it ever happens how she'll respond, but I know she's going to be an amazing mom."

Perry hosted an Instagram live video where her fans watched as she gave an update on where she's at in her pregnancy stage. She shared some of her cravings and how they're becoming more prevalent.


"I like, literally, never cared for spice, and now, I have to carry Tobasco sauce in my purse like that woman. Like, I am that woman," she said. "I am Karen with her Tobasco sauce. Some people have essential oils, and I have Tobasco sauce. ... I've been eating the same burrito for weeks on end."

American Idol airs on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.