'American Idol' Fans Aggravated by Terrible Sound Mix and Sync Issues

American Idol fans were annoyed throughout Sunday's live episode of the series due to the terrible sound mix and sync issues. From the moment the show started live from Los Angeles, it was out of sync and the backing band often made it difficult to hear the singers.

The tech issues were not ignored by fans, who were trying to figure out who to vote for. It was hard for them to make decisions if they could not hear the performances properly.

"We can't hear you sing on TV... Tell @AmericanIdol to fix the audio to the home TV viewers please!!!!" one fan wrote to the Idol Twitter account.

"Something is off with your audio levels...it's difficult to hear the performers over background vocals and instruments," another complained.

One fan said she will vote based on past performances because it was so hard to hear singers Sunday night. "The background audio and background singers are much too loud and the actual singers are muted. I'm going off past performances tonight," she wrote.

"Sound engineering/mixing is worse than poor tonight. What a disservice to the performers and your audience," another fan chimed in.

"My imagination or is the sound mixing cruddy for some? Particularly the guys. Their vocals are so far back in the mix and the whole thing is so muddy! Terrible to listen to. Get it together American idol," another viewer wrote.


One suggested judge Katy Perry's salary might have eaten up the sound budget.

Photo Credit: ABC