'Amazing Race': 'Big Brother' Fans Groan Over Rachel Reilly's Return

The Amazing Race brought a Big Brother legend back to television, and fans of the competition series have lots to say.

The season premiere of the beloved CBS competition series brought many new and returning reality stars to to the spotlight, including infamous Big Brother alum Rachel Reilly.

The reality television personality first gained prominence the she competed on the 12th season of Big Brother, later returning in Season 13 to win it all. Her latest attempt at winning the popular series is also the third time she has appeared on The Amazing Race.

Big Brother fans tuning into the season premiere of The Amazing Race shared mixed feelings about Reilly participating in the latest season.

"OMG..Rachel is STILL so annoying!!" One user commented.

Not all messages related to Reilly were negative, as some fans of the reality show quickly showed their support for Reilly and her sister Elissa Slater.

"YES! Rachel and Elissa made it. They came in 4th," one user celebrated after the first competition.

"I like Rachel [and] her sister," another user wrote. "Of course I'm rooting for Rachel and Elissa to win."

"I'm excited to get a different side of Rachel," a third user commented, as Reilly previously competed with her husband Brendan on Season 20 and 24.

Ahead of the season premiere, Rachel and Elissa opened up about doing the reality competition series together.

"I was freaking out because I have always wanted to do the Race and I campaigned for my husband to try out with me," Elissa told Us Weekly. "I have asked all my friends. Everyone. So I wanted to do the Race really badly for a long time... It was seriously a dream of mine."

"And I think that this is really fun because I did Big Brother first and then Elissa did Big Brother, but we never really got to compete on anything together," Rachel added. "And Elissa and I are so close and it was so crazy when she was doing Big Brother. I felt like I was in there with her, but already getting to compete with her on a show is a totally different story."

"When the Reilly sisters are involved, things get a little crazy," they told the outlet.


Are you rooting for the sisters? The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.