'Alaskan Bush People' Teases Tensions Run High With Chilly New Season 10 Preview

Alaskan Bush People returns to the Discovery Channel for another season Sunday night. A preview [...]

Alaskan Bush People returns to the Discovery Channel for another season Sunday night. A preview for the new episode reveals that life will not be getting any easier for the Browns, who now live in Washington State. The short, one-minute teaser shows the Brown children working for their independence on the land while fighting harsh weather conditions.

Season 10 was filmed during the winter, forcing them to build their homes before the ground suddenly freezes.

"This land is y'all's future," patriarch Billy Brown tells his children in one scene.

Another scene shows the younger Browns trying to have fun playing baseball before they struggle to build their own structures. Even though they are becoming more independent, the family still has to stay together in order to survive.

"Life isn't easy," matriarch Ami Brown says. "It makes you stronger, but family sticks together."

While there is plenty of drama on the show, there are family disputes fans will not see playing out in front of cameras. Matt Brown, one of Ami and Billy Brown's sons, reportedly wants to return to the show after going into rehab before Season 9. However, his father is keeping him from returning, Radar Online reported. Billy previously told his 36-year-old son he could come back to the show if he stayed clean.

"Billy changed his mind about all of that after the two got into another heated argument!" a source said. "Matt has been living in California ever since with his mysterious girlfriend and he's been making YouTube videos. But YouTube videos do not pay his rent."

The source continued, "Billy has considered letting his son back on the show, but he sees him as a possible liability. Ami really wants her son back in her life and, at this point, Billy doesn't really know what to do."

Another Radar report last week claimed Matt has been sober since he left the Betty Ford Clinic and wants to come back to the show because his finances are low.

Back in May, a source told Radar Online Matt did not want to be on the show because he thinks the other family members are "brainwashed" by Billy.

"Matt wants nothing to do with his dad and is feels like they are all brainwashed by him," a source said at the time. "It is really sad because Matt is doing well, finally, which is all that Billy says he wanted from him. ...What's even worse is that Matt's brothers and sisters are siding with Billy because they are all just as money hungry as their dad."

It has also been revealed that Bear Brown's new girlfriend, Raiven Adams, and her mother were jailed for theft in Texas in 2000.

It's not all bad news behind the scenes for the Browns though. Gabe Brown and his wife, Raquelle Rose, are expecting their first baby together.

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.