'Alaskan Bush People' Star Matt Brown Sends Heartfelt Birthday Message to Mom Ami

Alaskan Bush People star Matt Brown shared a heartwarming message to his mother, Ami Brown, who celebrated her 54th birthday on Wednesday. Brown has reportedly been trying to get back on the show after a recent rehab stint, and has given fans a look at his life in recent Instagram posts. He is expected to be back on the show for next season.

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"Hi everybody," Brown said in the video. "I've been thinking about my mom all day and I'd really like to wish her a happy birthday. So, happy birthday mom. I love you."

The video drew instant praise from fans, including those who have missed seeing him on the show.

"Great video to your Mom, Matt and even greater video for us! Now we can prove once again how bad those Hater's lie! May God bless you in so many ways! We miss you on the show, it's not the same without you," one fan wrote.

"You look so happy these days and that's what life is all about family and just living your best life," another added.

"Matt you are a wonderful son. Your Mom loves you very much! I am sure your message means a lot to her. God bless," another wrote.

On Thursday, Brown also posted a video, showing himself driving down a road with Guns N Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine" on the radio.

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Brown, 36, checked into rehab last year. After he completed his stint in rehab, Brown reportedly decided to stay in California and not immediately reunite with his family, which allegedly caused a rift in the family. In July, a source told Radar Online that Brown approached his father Billy about returning to the show, and Brown demanded he stay sober.

Earlier this month, Radar Online reported that Brown went to Washington State, where his family now lives, for a private meeting with his father. In the end, Billy left the door open for his son to return to the show.

"Matt is already back in California after spending a week with his family in Washington, but he really had a great trip home. He made up with his father, which is huge," a source close to the Brown family told the outlet. "He was able to make up with his father and they were able to come to an agreement that would bring Matt back to the show for the season after this one."

The source continued, "Billy told Matt that he must stay sober from now on, or else the deal is off. Of course, Matt agreed."

Brown's recent Instagram posts have shown signs of a changing lifestyle for the better. On Aug. 12, he shared a selfie with a clear blue sky in view, adding, "Nothing but blue skies" in the caption.

This year's birthday is another milestone for Ami, who survived advanced lung cancer in 2017. The Brown family moved from Alaska to Washington to be closer to doctors in the contiguous U.S.


Episodes of Alaskan Bush People air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.