'Alaskan Bush People' Star Billy Brown's Daughter Twila Byars Throws Shade at Family Amid Ongoing Drama

Alaskan Bush People star Billy Brown's daughter Twila Byars reportedly threw shade at the Brown family in a recently uncovered Facebook post. Byars' comments have surfaced at a difficult time for the family, as Brown's son Bear Brown split from his fiancee and another son, Matt Brown, is hoping to get back on the show after struggling with substance abuse. Byars is Brown's daughter from his first marriage.

"I’ve never been the average person, walking with the herd or conforming to the masses. At some point thinking I was somewhat abnormal according to the 'normal,'" Byars wrote in a post on Sept. 12, reports Radar Online.

"So I had an Epiphany (sic) today after reading a few things, that IM (sic) ACTUALLY THE NORMAL ONE IN MY D.N.A. Lineage! Normal, average and boring never felt so good," Byars continued.

Byars lives in Texas, far from the Brown family, who are now living in Washington state.

Byars appeared on Alaskan Bush People back in 2016. Fans saw a tearful reunion, as Brown claimed he had not spoken to Byars in 30 years. However, a source told Radar she had an on-again, off-again relationship with her father for years.

"They’ve communicated over the years on occasion," the source said.

Byars' latest comment on her famous father and step-siblings came to light during a rocky few months for the Alaskan Bush People family. Bear's engagement to Raiven Adams ended after two weeks, and they later discovered Adams is pregnant. Adams was forced to quit using Instagram because of the trolls who criticised her, even though she had a private profile.

"I'm always quick to want to prove haters wrong so they don't get the satisfaction of winning when they are wrong, but I'm realizing responding at all is letting you win because you are getting the attention you clearly need," Adams wrote.

When she announced the former couple called it quits, she criticized the "harassment" she faced living in the spotlight.

"It’s been a long battle for me to decide what I should do," Adams wrote at the time. "What I should say... I think this life is to much for me (sic). The drama, the articles, the harassment. The mean people who have nothing better to do."

Matt Brown was also at the center of trouble within the Brown family. Although he recently celebrated 14 months of sobriety, it is not certain if Matt will rejoin ABP. Brown reportedly told him he has to stay sober to return.


Brown was hospitalized earlier this month for "major medical issues." Bear told fans on Instgram his father is recovering from surgery.

Alaskan Bush People's 10th season recently ended. Discovery has yet to officially renew it for Season 11.