'Alaskan Bush People' Star Bear Brown Stirs Outrage With Nighttime Gun Shooting Video

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown has been busy since the start of season 10 of the Discovery series. Not only is he in a relationship and expecting a baby in the coming months, he's also got his own "estate" in the hills of Washington.

But despite his return to girlfriend Raiven and happy times all around, the reality star has still managed to create a little controversy according to The Blast.

In a clip posted by the outlet, Brown can be seen firing a handgun seven times into a dark wooded area. He shared the clip to his social media, adding that it was one of his favorite activities.

"I love shooting at night! Even without a target!" Bear wrote in the caption for the video.

While Brown seems to claim he does this regularly and is well trained to use the firearm, many fans couldn't help but point out he was being reckless.

"Not cool I love you guys but this is quite a thoughtless post vulnerable people might copy it’s not cool," one fan chastised the reality star.

"I don't care how far out in the bush you are, stray bullets can carry a far distance. This is pretty reckless," a second added.

"Dumb stupid irresponsible and pick up your shells your meant to be all about the environment," a third concerned fan wrote below the video.

Fans pointed out a list of potential faults in Brown's actions. One in particular felt the reality star was "dumb" because shooting blindly into the forest could still injure or maim an animal and led to them suffering.

Brown didn't respond to the criticism and some came to his defense after the critics began to overwhelm the post.

"Guys, he is extremely secluded," a defender wrote. "Y'all stop crying."

This is not the only blowback Brown has faced in recent weeks. He was also forced to lash out and defend his girlfriend after many critics started to question her paternity. Brown wrote and pleaded with fans to stop sending "disrespectful messages" to Raiven and that "naysayers" have been spreading gossip.


"Raiven is pregnant with my child! We’ve been living in the same house for a while!" he wrote in response to the criticism. "I don’t need some test to know this little miracle is mine! It is completely 100 percent impossible for it not to be given the time frame!"

No matter what, Brown is certainly committed to living life his way. And he doesn't mind the idea of his future family appearing in front of the camera either.