'Alaskan Bush People' Star Confirms Surprising Move Despite Past Family Drama

Bear Brown's girlfriend, Raiven Adams, appears to be moving onto the Alaskan Bush People stars' North Star Ranch. The Discovery star's on-again, off-again girlfriend, who shares 1-year-old son River with Brown, shared an update on her living situation during an Instagram Q&A when a fan asked if she planned on living off the grid with the rest of the Brown family.

Adams said what while she and her boyfriend didn't want to live as extreme of a lifestyle as some of his family members with their young son, they wanted to live as "close to it as we can," as per ScreenRant, hinting that they were waiting for their family's home to be built as she lives in Loomis, Washington during the filming of the Discovery show. When another fan asked where Adams was thinking of building her new home, she answered simply, "Mountain," which is where the Wolf Pack has set up their North Star Ranch over the past few seasons. 

After a wildfire devastated their property, the Browns have been working hard to get their home back to what it once was, even finishing up mom Ami's house after her husband, Billy Brown, passed away in February. Brown and Adams first met in August 2018 when she was helping to photograph the wedding of Brown's brother, Noah Brown, and sister-in-law Rhain Brown. 

Brown and Adams soon announced their engagement in 2019 but split just two weeks later. Soon after, Adams learned she was pregnant with their son, and the couple attempted to reconcile. Things quickly grew turbulent, with Adams accusing Brown of being abusive, but the two reunited in September 2020 after Adams took their son to meet his father. It's believed the two split and got back together at least once since then, but Adams has been by Brown's side since Billy's death. 


Just last week, Brown honored what would have been his father's 69th birthday. "It's impossible to describe the empty feeling without him! I am very lucky however to have the rest of my family by my side and to have my lovely lady and son with me!" he wrote on Instagram. "As much as I miss my dad I know he is in a better place now with no more pain! One of the last things my dad said to me was how proud he was of me and I sarcastically was like I don't see why? My dad obviously knew I was joking, I do wish I was more serious though! Happy Birthday Da I love and miss you! Forever my hero!"