'Alaskan Bush People': Raiven Adams Accepts Being the 'Bad Guy' After Breaking Engagement With Bear Brown

Raiven Adams is more than willing to be the "bad guy" in her split with fiancé Bear Brown if it means respecting him and his family. After announcing that she and the Alaskan Bush People star had called off their wedding late Monday, the model took to Instagram to explain she wouldn't be clarifying the situation with a candid note.

"Sometimes it’s better to let others assume why something happens because explaining yourself and giving reason isn’t always the best thing to do," she wrote alongside a nature photo. "And if I have to be the bad guy for the 100 reasons me and bear didn’t work out and me only sharing what I did to respect him and his family then so be it."

"Say what you want at the end of day I know what happened and that’s enough for me," she added.

Adams announced that she and Brown wouldn't be going through with their wedding Monday, revealing it was difficult for her to deal with the spotlight in which her fiancé lives.

"It’s been a long battle for me to decide what I should do," she wrote. "What I should say... I think this life is to much for me [sic]. The drama, the articles, the harassment. The mean people who have nothing better to do."

"And due to that, and Several other reasons me and bear have decided to stay friends [sic]," she continued. "Sometimes two people are meant to be in each other’s life.... but not the way they thought. Wishing the wolf pack all of the best luck on every adventure."

The Alaskan Bush People couple announced they had gotten engaged in August, with Brown telling PEOPLE, "Raiven has been my best friend since [brother Noah Brown's] wedding. She helped me a lot over the last year and I hope I can always be there for her the way she is for me. I love her. I never thought I’d hear myself say those words, but I do!”

Days later, Adams rebuked people who were being negative in her comments section ahead of going private with her account.

"I’m so very tired of reading such nasty comments," she wrote "Bear is one of the most loving funny people I have ever met in my life. You see the 10% of his personality the show has provided. Because he isn’t comfortable sharing all of his personality, he doesn’t want to deal with hate and judgment."

Calling her then-fiancé a "good person" who makes her smile, Adams took down the haters for their bullying comments.

"You make fun of him, and a lot of us for punctuation. And anything else you can bring to light. Maybe to feel better about the sadness life has obviously brought you," she wrote. "And I’m so sorry your life’s are so empty of good things, leading you to ruin the good things for others. (I am not posting this in hopes it stops, or because I think it will make people change. I’m posting it because I will stick up for him until my last breath) He is unapologetically himself and that’s the best way to be."


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Photo credit: Discovery