'Alaskan Bush People' Daughter Rainy Brown Reveals How the Family Spent Thanksgiving

Alaskan Bush People daughter Rainy Brown has taken to social media to reveal how the family spent their Thanksgiving.

Brown posted a photo of her family gathered in the kitchen, while she fixed some Thanksgiving dinner plates and snapped several shots of the food itself.

"Very very happy thanksgiving! I'm thankful for all of my loved ones and our good health," she wrote in a caption of the post, then asked her followers, "What are you thankful for?"

(Photo: Rainy Brown / Instagram)

Many of Brown's fans responded to her post by sharing "Happy Thanksgiving" messages and wishing her and her family all the best.

"Happy Thanksgiving, the family looks great together kept it that way, family is all we got," one fan commented.

"Beautiful family! May God continue to bless you and yours," someone else wrote, while another follower exclaimed, "Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!!!!!"

Not all of the messages were positive though, as one person took issue with the family over the recent reports of Ami Brown not attending her own mother's funeral.

"I don't understand how your family can be thankful for family and Bear posting about people caring for others more than themselves when your whole family especially Ami treated her dying mother like crap and none of you cared enough to even attend her funeral even though the family was begging Ami to attend," the Instagram user stated. "None of you are who you claim to be."

The funeral for Ami's mother — Earlene Branson — was held in held in Texas on Nov. 16, and her brother Les Branson spoke out about her missing it afterwards.

"The service for my mother was very low-key but beautiful. The Browns did not show up. There was no sympathy card nor any sympathy shown whatsoever," Branson said. "I would have loved to see [Ami] and tell her that I love her and that I have missed her."

Earlier in the month, a source close to the family commented on Ami's feelings of never reconciling with her mother before Earlene passed away.


"Ami is rather upset about this because she never go the opportunity to reconcile with her mom, who tried for years and years to see her daughter," the source told Radar Online. "There is nothing that she can do. It's too late. She's gone."

At this time, Ami does not appear to have responded to her brother's comments about her absence from the funeral.