'Alaskan Bush People': Noah Brown Reveals Update on Baby Eli Ahead of Season 11 Premiere

Alaskan Bush People Noah Brown recently revealed an update on his son, baby Eli, ahead of the [...]

Alaskan Bush People Noah Brown recently revealed an update on his son, baby Eli, ahead of the show's Season 11 premiere. In a clip posted to the show's official Twitter account, Brown and his wife Rhain shared some photos of Eli over the last several months, and gave fans some details on how he's been doing. "We just wanted to tell everyone 'thank you' for all of the well-wishes and support, and show you an eight-and-a-half-month-old Eli," Brown said in the clip. Baby Eli is growing fast! 🐣

Rhain then interjected, "The last eight-and-a-half-months has been pretty awesome being new parents. Easier than I expected, honestly. Little bumps here and there, but you kind of have to roll with it."

Brown added, "I think we roll with it really, really well. It's like if you're playing a board game and the game you're playing keeps changing. From checkers, to chess, to Monopoly, it's like crazy. But it's definitely a fun journey."

Rhain then said, "It is fun. I think everyday always has one moment of fun. At least one."

The couple concluded their message by saying that all the "support and encouragement" they have received from fans has been "much appreciated."

Fans have since been responding to the family's video update, with one person tweeting back, "The two of you are great parents and Eli is just adorable....looking forward to the new season and remember you and your entire family are wonderful and you're always in our prayers."

"That's so beautiful! Thank you for the great video! I wish Noah and his little family all the best!" someone else offered.

Brown and Rhain were married in August 2018, with Rhain revealing that she was pregnant a short time later.

"We've taken another step in the adventure that is our life together," Brown told PEOPLE at the time, revealing the big pregnancy news. "We didn't try, and we didn't not try ... We figured that we'd just kind of let God and nature take their course and we ended up pregnant."

Notably, little Eli will have a new cousin sometime soon, as Brown's brother Bear is having a child with his on-again-off-again girlfriend.

Alaskan Bush People is back for their 11th season and will air on Discovery Channel at 8pm ET.